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Adi Meyer
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Interaction Designer & Architect

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Currently based in San Francisco, I design large scale entertainment venues at Populous while pursuing several independent design & technology collaborations.

I have previously worked with the artist collective SUPERFLEX in Copenhagen, Denmark where I contributed to the conceptual design and research of several art installations. Prior to that, I worked for Oded Eavri Architects, in Tel Aviv, Israel, where I designed hospitality and residential buildings as well as conducted historical research for conservation. I hold a Master of Architecture with distinction for written thesis from the Interactive Architecture Lab of the Bartlett, UCL in London, and an architecture degree (B.Arch.) with high honors from Tel Aviv University.

My work has been published in over 70 websites and tech blogs including TechCrunch and Digital Trends. It was featured by Harvard soft robotic toolkit and was presented in several international conferences including Formnext and BDYHAX.

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I am a designer working at the intersection of emerging technology, the body, and architecture. My work questions human perception, interpersonal communication and human-space connections through bodily interfaces and experiences of public spaces.

I started working on wearable design while pursuing a postgraduate degree in London. I found it fascinating as a field that combines my passions for design, art, technology and innovation. I collaborated with an all-female team (Sirou Peng and Silvia Rueda) on the design of Aposema

Aposema is a wearable device / soft robotic mask that reads face expressions and speculates on translating and simplifying them into the six universal emotions by Paul Ekman. These are displayed on the mask as colored inflating patterns. The project and the idea behind it was developed over a period of several months of experimentation and exploration with the support of the interactive architecture lab of the Barlett, UCL, in London.

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Any industry opportunities or challenges?

Designing fashion forward wearables, to me, is both a challenge and a unique opportunity. The different life spans of fashion vs. tech could be viewed as an obstacle or a limitation that could encourages creativity. When it comes to design for women, the wearable design niche is a particularly odd mix, with women being the main target audience for fashion, while the majority of wearable TECHNOLOGY devices are still designed, branded and marketed for a male consumer along with an adaptation for women. Bridging that gap, to me, is an opportunity to promote gender equality.

What’s next for the Industry in the near future?

I believe personal customization digital as well as the physical, will play a bigger role as wearables learn the behavioral patterns and the individual needs of their users. This will allow technology to become more seamlessly incorporated into our daily routine instead of constantly disrupting it.

What guides my routine?

Time is our most valuable asset.

What do you love most about Your City?

Having moved from Europe less than a year ago, I am still discovering San Francisco. I love exploring the hills and the peculiar Victorian architecture. Always interesting to take a walk.

What drink do you need to get through the day and at the end (and how many)?

2 cups of Coffee and lots of water.

Favorite podcast?

Women Tech Charge


Twitter: @Adi_Meyero


Instagram: @adi_meyer

Learn more about Aposema:

Aposema Concept video

Aposema – Making of video

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