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Allon Bloch
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Health, Wellness and Fitness, Technology
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CEO and Co-Founder, K Health

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Allon Bloch is the co-founder and CEO of K Health, a venture-backed health tech company on a mission to empower people with free access to trustworthy health information. As a serial entrepreneur, Allon’s experience in venture capital and consumer technology has impacted today’s most successful consumer internet companies. He was co-CEO of Wix, the world’s most accessible website publishing platform (Nasdaq: WIX), co-founder and CEO of Vroom, the largest online car retailer in the U.S., and CEO of mySupermarket, a digital platform that empowers consumers to find the best prices for their groceries. He has raised over $300 million in funding from top VCs, corporations and private equity firms including Benchmark, Mangrove, Comcast, WPP, Catterton, and T Rowe. Allon is also a former venture capitalist who served as a Venture Partner at  Greylock Partners and General Partner at JVP. Earlier in his career, Allon worked as a consultant at McKinsey. He holds an M.B.A. from Columbia Business School.

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What was your inspiration for launching K Health?

Like most people, my co-founders and I were frustrated by how difficult it is to find out what’s wrong when you don’t feel well and get access to the right healthcare. Most people today still turn to Google for health information, but content on the web isn’t personalized. As a result, most people end up worrying about things that are irrelevant to their situation. Access to care is still a challenge with too few primary care doctors and people waiting days or weeks for an appointment. And once you get to see the doctor, how do you know if you’re making the right decisions about your care?

We asked ourselves, “Wouldn’t it be magical if we could look up the experiences of people like us and learn from them before or after we go to the doctor?” We called this approach “People Like Me.” Two years later, it’s the principle at the heart of K’s AI, which delivers personalized health information for free to our growing base of over 500K users who joined within the last six months.

Who is K relevant for?

Everyone! K helps adults 18-85 better understand their health. When a user isn’t feeling well, K compares their case to millions of people like them so they can see what it might be and how doctors have treated people in their situation in the past. K doesn’t provide medical advice, but we believe once people see how thousands of doctors have treated people like them, they are better prepared to decide which action to take.

What are your goals with K Health?

Near term, we aim to put K into the hands of as many consumers as possible so they can get personalized information about their symptoms based on “People Like Me” in just a few minutes for free. We’re also working on helping users connect with a doctor to review their information, make a diagnosis, and recommend treatment. We believe this combination will change the equation for access to and cost of healthcare.

Looking down the road, our AI will consume more data from more sources, becoming even smarter about the connections between age, gender, biomarkers, lifestyle patterns, and symptoms, which we believe will change our collective understanding of human diseases.

How do you think AI will continue to change the healthcare industry?

The vast majority of healthcare, especially at the primary care level, hasn’t changed much in decades. It’s clear that to fix the many ills of our healthcare system, we need an intelligent system that learns about you over time in order to deliver truly personalized medicine. As K makes more information available directly to consumers, patients and their doctors will begin to make more informed healthcare decisions that should improve our overall health and get rid of lots of inefficiencies in today’s system.

Is K hiring?

All the time! We’re hiring in our New York and Tel Aviv offices for a range of roles. The best way to find out is to check our website at

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