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Anatoly Ovchinnikov
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CEO, Fueltime
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Fueltime is a mobile gas station delivery service – think Seamless or Grubhub… but for when your car needs a fill-up. The company is backed by Starta Ventures and is finishing up an accelerator program at Starta. They’re based in California – and have some major news coming out of San Jose soon.

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Born in a modest village in Russia – Anatoly Ovchinnikov is a young global citizen, established CEO and international entrepreneur that has a strong footprint in the American startup ecosystem. After moving from Russia to the United States, Anatoly quickly held a steadfast mission of living the American dream, building a business and changing the mobile gas and fuel delivery industry. After studying engineering in Russia, Anatoly graduated from the esteemed Founder Institute – one of the most rigorous entrepreneur programs in the country. Shortly after graduation, Fueltime was chosen to be sponsored by Starta Ventures – a hybrid venture capital and accelerator program based in New York City. Fueltime will soon finish their accelerator program at Starta and now officially kick-off gasoline delivery to customers in San Jose – equip with their first car. The company plans to expand over time.

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I was born in a modest village in Russia and raised by my grandmother. Our village was small – and there was not the room for business development I wanted. I dreamed of coming to the United States and making it big. I want to use technology to change the world, and inspire other entrepreneurs.

What was one activity growing up that you loved to do?

I always excelled at playing soccer – it was one area of my life that I really enjoyed.

What inspires you about US entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurs in California and New York and not afraid to think big. They embrace the challenge of creating technology that will disrupt different industries. US entrepreneurs are fearless.

What advice do you have for young entrepreneurs?

Learn how to code. This skill is incredibly valuable – anywhere in the world. At any age, you can teach yourself how to do it and build wealth.

Tell us about Fueltime:

Fueltime is a mobile gas station – and the newest way to fill up a car. It works through a uniquely delivered app, in which users choose the location of their parked car, time, date and the amount of gasoline they need. The brand also provides additional services such as tire checks. At the moment, app development is carried out in Russia, through three developers.

How do users save money?

Because the gas is discounted – Fueltime customers save more money than using a traditional brick-and-mortar gas station. It’s a great model for anyone on a budget.

Why did you choose to house Fueltime in California?

California has some of the most expensive gasoline prices in the country – and the largest saturation of drivers. We feel the best way to build our brand is to focus on an area where we can bring value. California is a strong location choice for us to build the business.

How does the Fueltime app work?

The application allows you to choose the location of the parked car, time and date, the amount of gasoline they need. It’s a convenient way to save money and time. Fueltime also provides users with the ability to choose any additional services such as wiping windshields.

Tell us about Starta

Starta Ventures is a hybrid venture capital and accelerator program based in New York City. The program has empowered me to build my brand, find the mentors I need and engage with investors.

Tell us an update about Fueltime

We will soon finish our accelerator program at Starta and officially kick-off our gasoline delivery service in San Jose, California.

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