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Anna Bobb
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Washington, DC, USA

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Medical / Pharmaceuticals, Non-Profits / Philanthropy
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Director of Health Programs, Philanthropy Roundtable
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The Philanthropy Roundtable is America’s leading network of charitable donors working to strengthen our free society, uphold donor intent, and protect the freedom to give. Our members include individual philanthropists, families, and private foundations.

The Philanthropy Roundtable’s mission is to foster excellence in philanthropy, to protect philanthropic freedom, to assist donors in achieving their philanthropic intent, and to help donors advance liberty, opportunity, and personal responsibility in America and abroad.

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Career Snapshot:

My colleagues and I serve philanthropists in making strategic investments for social impact. My focus is health. I have built high profile health, legislative, and industry coalitions in service to corporations, nonprofits, government leaders, and academic medical centers.  My experience spans strategy, coalition building, advocacy, and development. I have a master’s degree in public health from Johns Hopkins University was awarded an Intramural Research Training Award by the National Human Genome Research Institute.

AdMission Statement (AKA Personal Brand Pitch):

At The Philanthropy Roundtable, we are conveners, collaborators, thought partners, and consultants to like-minded donors. A common thread throughout my career has been my drive to build consensus solutions, enlist cooperative relationships, and build coalitions focused on goals larger than any one organization. In formative consulting roles, I developed a strong ethic of client service towards the pharmaceutical, managed care, and health system executives I served. A second phase of my career focused on raising philanthropic capital to provide HIV medications, micro-loans, scholarships, and hope to individuals who had lost everything in communities across the country and world. My work today focuses on unleashing the power of philanthropic capital for social impact. My emphasis is on innovation identifying the social entrepreneurs and best-in-class non-profits that can drive ground-up change.

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Emerging industry trends?:

Our philanthropists are focused on the rising “deaths of despair” and unprecedented drop in life expectancy facing America. They are seeking systemic solutions to these problems and building social capital in their local communities. We also see philanthropists focused on ground-up changes that will help transform our health system to one worthy of our country. These include investments in workforce, delivery innovation, and every stage along the treatment innovation cycle.

Ideal experience for a customer/client?:

Our clients are philanthropists. We serve our philanthropists with customized consultation and critical insight from leading philanthropists and practitioners; solicitation-free convenings on a range of cutting-edge topics in health; and working groups that facilitate joint funding efforts to solve some of our nation’s most pressing health problems. Based on demand from donors, the Health Program is releasing a briefing this month that showcases thoughtful approaches to addressing the mental health crisis in this country. We also host invitation-only conference calls that allow like-minded donors to hear from leading experts in the field of health and ask their questions.

How do you motivate others?:

Mutual respect is the soundest foundation for collaboration. It is more important than liking, affinity, or even similarity. Respect is a powerful tool for bringing together unlikely people and has the power to unleash enormous productivity and creativity. It is vital both between organizations and within organizations.

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Make a single step that contributes towards bettering the U.S. health system.

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There are no coincidences. Every person you meet is for a reason.

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Tell those you love how much you love them.

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Make a genuine connection with another person.

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Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, especially when you travel.

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Washington D.C. has amazing architecture, culture, and opportunities, but our people are our greatest asset.

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