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Anthony Ricco
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Native AdVert

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Food & Beverages / Culinary
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Executive Chef, Leuca

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Chef Anthony Ricco is the Executive Chef at Leuca

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What do you love most about NYC?

I love the energy. It’s unlike any place in the world. I love the food, the mix of people and the street art. I love the grit that remains on some parts of the city.

What’s happening at:

6:00 AM – The street carts are setting up, getting ready to sling nonstop bagels and coffee.

10:00 AM – People are still hustling around and starting their days.

12:00 PM – Everyone is shopping! Food, coffee, more food. Retail stores are flooded with people.

7:00 PM – This is when the hustle to the bar starts. People are finishing work and heading to their local feel-good establishment.

11:00 PM – The freaks come out at night! This is the hour of the real fun in the city.

Where do you enjoy getting lost in NYC?

Chelsea Market is my favorite spot to go and get sucked into.

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