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Christine Barney
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Christine Barney is CEO of rbb Communications, a four-time U.S. Agency of the Year known as the Champion of Breakout Brands™.  Yes, that means rbb delivers great strategy and results across paid, earned, shared and owned platforms, but why is Christine still excited about this industry after 30 years?  She is fueled by a desire to be ahead of the curve. She authored “The Breakout Brand ™ Strategy: An Evolutionary Approach to Creating Customer Passion” and regularly speaks about the benefits of an “employee-driven workplace” where everyone has the flexibility to choose when, where and how they work and are inspired by cutting-edge resources and challenging work. The results are happy clients and staff who both stay with rbb for decades. Christine believes in being an active member of the business community and has chaired the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, is a board member of the Alliance of M&A Advisors South Florida Chapter, a member of the Orange Bowl Committee and the International Women’s Forum and was the 2016 Bill Adams Public Relations Society of America Lifetime Achievement Award recipient. Spending time with her husband and three children and planning for her annual 11-tree Christmas display are the final ingredients that keep this communications professional content and looking forward to tomorrow.

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What do you love most about Your City?

I left NYC and came to Miami kicking and screaming because it was my turn to move for a job opportunity for my husband. The marriage didn’t last but my love affair with Miami has never waned.  Miami offers entrepreneurial spirit coupled with an exuberant lifestyle where I can be outside 10 months of the year in comfort.

Favorite breakfast meal & restaurant?

Forget breakfast foods, it’s a chicken and avocado sandwich or last night’s leftovers that get my day started right.  I don’t drink coffee but prefer bubbly club soda to wake up my taste buds. 

What are you doing at:

6:00 AM –  I haven’t used an alarm clock in 30 years. I have uncanny ability to wake up at the exact time I need to whether it’s 5 am for an early flight or 6:30 am to go to the gym.

10:00 AM – Unless I’m with a client, you’ll find me at rbb’s Miami office enjoying the comradery of a smart, creative and caring team.

12:00 PM – Favorite Power Lunch spot/meal? 

I feel the power lunch is a thing of the past.  With time being the most valuable commodity, meeting for coffee/tea is the best way to connect with business contacts.  My favorite lunch place is right in the rbb offices with my colleagues.

7:00 PM –  I don’t believe in work life balance, but rather work life blend.

You can’t fit work into 9-5 and life into nights and weekends. So, at night you may find me at a work related event or at home, cooking dinner or helping my son with homework.  Being in Miami means it’s usually still light outside and my husband and I often enjoy walking in the neighborhood in the early evening.

11:00 PM –  This is the time of night for finishing up.  Catching up on news, checking emails, taking care of household tasks.  The goal is to be done by 11:30 so I can begin my nightly ritual of 30-45 minutes of reading.

What drink do you need to get through the day and at the end (and how many)?

Although I am a club soda fanatic throughout the day and night, it’s not lunch without my sugary jolt of Coke – regular never diet.  ½ can is just enough of a guilty pleasure.

Most used App?

News apps are table stakes in my line of work, but my favorite app is Amazon. Nothing is more important to me than saving time on the ordinary things – I’ve even ordered toothpaste from Amazon –  so I can bank that time for the things that really matter.

What should everyone try at least once?

Do something out of your comfort zone. I’ve zip lined in Costa Rica, eaten live shrimp in Japan and learned to use a soldering iron. Trying new things keeps you vital and engaged.

Where do you enjoy getting lost?

In a good book.  I love to escape into all types literature from the classics to best sellers, fiction and nonfiction and read one or two books a week.  Browsing through my online bookstore is in itself a guilty pleasure that relaxes my mind.

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