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My name is Daunnette Reyome, a 16-year-old Native American student and athlete. I am an author and recently wrote two poems that are published in a book written by Catherine Connors and Amy Stanton called “The Feminine Revolution” and an essay about what it’s like to be a Native American girl in today’s society, which was published in The Omaha World Herald, Norfolk Daily News and The Lincoln Journal Star. I have also had many articles written about my work and me from The Sioux City Journal, Epoch Times to essays by high school and college students. I was 2016s 50 Faces of Indian Country. Though I am mostly known for my collaboration with Teen Vogue on a Cultural Appreciation article, along with a 4 part video series titled #Askanativeamericangirl and a speech at the United Nations Headquarters in NYC for The Day of the Girl Summit (October 2017) I am also a model. I began modeling at the age of 11, walking in numerous runway shows throughout Atlanta, Nashville, South Carolina and Nebraska. I have also collaborated with various emerging designers out of Atlanta from 7th & Madison to House of Adnama Nampach and Besida, to name a few. I travel around the country as a youth motivational speaker and had the pleasure of speaking at huge events such as the BeMaverickLive Summit in Los Angeles, CA, SXSW in Austin, TX and the Sovereign Native Youth Leadership Conference at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln campus that is sponsored by the National Commission on Indian Affairs. At the end of the day, my goal is to become the world’s first Native American Victoria’s Secret Angel and to motivate and inspire my peers to be the best version of themselves

Native AdMission Statement (AKA Personal Brand Pitch):

A young woman who is full of life with the motivation to overcome any obstacle set in my way. Always encouraging others to be better. I am the person that gets to the top and then throws down the rope to pull up others.

My Native AdVantage

What makes you the best version of yourself?:

The ability to be forgiving. To learn from the past and not let the past dictate my future. I believe that everything in life is a lesson. It’s my choice to learn from it or live with it. I choose to learn and move on. 

What are your aspirations? (Personal and Business):

A personal goal I have is to be someone that people can look up to & trust. I want to be what I was looking for when I was growing up; someone else’s inspiration and role model. A business goal I have is to be a very successful Native American model & speaker. I Am going to be the world’s first Native American Victoria’s Secret Angel and with that major platform I will use it to show the world the beauty that exists in Indian County & hopefully continue to inspire the youth to reach for their goals.

Biggest Success?:

My biggest success is finding my self-worth & learning how to love me and accept me, flaws & all. Now that I do, it is an amazing feeling

Most Challenging Moment?:

My most challenging moment I’ve dealt with would have to be forgiving my biological father. Forgiving him for not being there for me, especially in moments that I needed him the most. Coming to the realization that he will probably never be there for me, as I need him to be but accepting him for who he is and the position he chooses in my life. I also had to learn to forgive myself for thinking for all these years that I wasn’t good enough for him. Now that I look at it, maybe he wasn’t good enough for me and that is why the Universe removed him from my life. It was hard but I can’t be that person that holds onto that kind of pain. In the end, I would benefit from my forgiveness and I can be happy.


Telling the truth is important. Be honest with others, & be honest with yourself.

Favorite People/Role Models?:

I’ve always looked to the women in my immediate family. They’re very strong women, independent & you can depend on them for anything. Also, Beyoncé!! She carries herself with such poise, confidence, beauty & intelligence. I love that.

Favorite Places/Destinations?:

My favorite place is New York City! That city really does have it’s own heartbeat. You can feel the energy once you hit the ground. I have never been to a place and actually felt that type of energy. 

Current Passions?:

My health. Right now I am really focused on becoming a healthier me.

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Tell Us More:

How did you get into the industry?

We had a neighbor that was previously a model that would always tell my mom to get me involved in modeling because she believed I had what it takes to be very successful. We tried it and I fell in love with the lights, the cameras, and the action. I have been doing it since my first show back in 2013.

What is next for the Daunnette in the near future? My next big project is to film a documentary this summer about my culture, my people and myself. I will be working with an organization called By Kids. I met the Executive Director at the Day of the Girl Summit in NYC and we’ve kept in touch and realized that right now is the perfect time to collaborate. It’ll be exciting so stay tuned.

Your most difficult moment throughout your career? I think my most difficult moment was after the Teen Vogue article and video series. I was faced with a lot of negativity and backlash for the article, the video series; everything. However, I knew what I was getting myself into when I made the decision to shoot something so controversial. However, I was not expecting grown adults to be so hateful and critical to teenagers; to our opinions. I think I was called every insult in the book and then add a bit of racism into that makes a good recipe of hate. It forced me to grow thick skin quickly and to learn to find the calm in the storm. 

How do you motivate others? I motivate others by using my experiences. I always say “if I can do it, you can too”, or “if I can overcome this, so can you”. That’s true. Most kids I’ve met use where they’re from as the shackles to hold them back or hold them down. I say those shackles are only in your mind. Believe in yourself and you can do great things. 

My Daily Thoughts: Do not put things off until the last minute; you’ll lose motivation to do it.

Goal of the Day: Do at least one kind deed for someone else.

Deed of the Day: Smile at everyone I see. Smiles can go a long way and you never know who might need that one simple gesture to brighten their day.

What do you love most about Your City? It’s small and I know everyone.

Favorite breakfast food? Pancakes. I can eat them anytime, anywhere!

What are you doing at:

6:00 AM – Mon – Fri I am getting ready for school. Saturday and Sunday, I am sound asleep.

10:00 AM – If I’m at school, I’m in My American history class at this time. If it’s the weekend, I’m usually spending time with my family!

12:00 PM – Favorite food? Definitely Pizza

7:00 PM – I’m either running or getting ready to run at this time.

11:00 PM – I am asleep at this time! Weekday or weekend!

Most used App/Favorite Instagram Account? My most used app is for sure Facebook. I love going to look at all the funny memes & posts! 

What should everyone try at least once?  Singing. Even if you think you’re not good at it, try it. I love it.

Where do you enjoy getting lost? In music. I put my headphones on and hit shuffle. I love the flood of thoughts that come to me. That is where I find the most peace.

What Else to Know? In the summer, I will be filming a documentary about my culture and what life is like for me. I recently wrote an essay about what it is like to be a Native American teen in today’s society which was published in the Omaha World Herald and another article about me published in the Sioux City Journal for my advocacy work with the youth.

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