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David Chitayat
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Brooklyn, NY, USA

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CEO, Genimex

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I am the CEO of Genimex, a product design, engineering and manufacturing company with offices in Shanghai, Taipei, and New York. After living in China for 15 years, I now reside in Brooklyn NY. I have experience leading companies in product concept design, engineering, manufacturing and supply chain management. I have a proven track record in developing and producing new products, holding more than 20 personal patents.

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How did you get into the industry?:

Genimex was founded by my father, Eli. The company started off in the early 70s as a sourcing company in Taiwan. After studying Physics in US, I returned to Asia. Growing up in the manufacturing business, I began to follow my father’s footsteps. As my brothers and I took over the business, we evolved the business to integrate design and engineering services rather than only sourcing. I have a passion for creating new products; therefore, I my father’s success set a solid foundation for us to grow the business into a turn-key manufacturing company.

Emerging industry trends?:

China’s new untapped market is in the domestic Chinese market. China’s largest cities and Shanghai being one of them contribute to $7 trillion global consumer spending. Shanghai, for example, is booming with wealthier, younger, better-educated consumers that are more aware of foreign brands and ideas and open to what is newer and novel. The only challenge I see is how China will continue to handle the new age of consumption. China might face challenges as digitalization continues and new spending power is emerging. To thrive in the coming years, companies must understand the economic drivers, generational differences and trends shaping China’s complex and fast changing consumer market.

Ideal experience for a customer/client?:

Our ideal clients are funded startups and established businesses. The business need for each client varies; however, here at Genimex, we work in all phases of the product development cycle. From concept design, engineering, prototyping to our end goal, manufacturing, we are a value-add contract manufacturer where we provide a comprehensive system that tackles product development, manufacturing and quality control. We are unique as we provide a stress-free, transparent and trustworthy relationship with our partnerships.

How do you motivate others?:

Genimex is a global company with a diverse group of employees. When working in China, I built a strong and stable human resource team that has helped create the company culture. In addition, I wanted to create a place for my employees to be treated fairly. Continued training is a part of our employee’s growth performance which gives them the motivation to succeed at Genimex. Working with a varied company culture from China to NYC, as a leader, it is important to guide, critique and praise based off performance and internal strategic initiatives.

Career advice to those in your industry?:

One important piece of advice I could give is to not hesitate to act and take risk in your career. Having a good idea is generally easy while acting on that idea and making it a reality is challenging. It requires you taking risks and taking on challenges that while you may fear failure. Once you are taking action then hard work will pay off. I was brought up in this business from a young age, and I witnessed the challenges of doing business in China. However, China evolved throughout the years, and when I took over the family business almost 20 years ago, I had to shift our business model strategy and adapt to the changing market. I wanted Genimex to be more than a sourcing company; therefore, I started to build out the strategy to encompass a design, engineering and manufacturing contract manufacturing company. I also had to build a stable team of professionals such as industrial designers, engineers, account management, merchandisers and quality control teams that would be able to provide excellent service to our partnerships. This also created a new company culture that was adaptable to our diversified portfolio of partnerships.

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