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Author and mother Elizabeth Gorcey (FOOTLOSE, TEEN WOLF) has been creating her entire life with paint, film and words. Her new Liv On Life book series is inspired and written along with her daughter, Olivia, who as a three-years-old began to spontaneously deliver wisdom and advice to anyone who was listening. Elizabeth dubbed her daughter’s musings as “Liv-isms,” and each book in the series is based on these everyday insights. Sometimes kids are the best teachers, and in encouraging her own daughter to embrace and use her authentic voice, Elizabeth realized how much adults can, and must, learn from the purity and honesty of a child’s perspective.  Olivia attended the Global Green pre-Oscar party as a “Global Green Champion.” Olivia also won the inaugural Gutsy Girls Educational Award. Olivia is a columnist for two magazines, Story Monsters Ink and ACT, writing her monthly columns under the banner of “Liv Says…”. She is also in demand as a guest speaker at local schools, libraries, and book stores.

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