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Elizabeth Guariglia
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Blogger, "Tall and Preppy"

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My name is Elizabeth Guariglia. Tall and Preppy is all about my love of preppy fashion, travel and life between home in sassy New York and college life in sweet North Carolina. I created this blog before my senior year of high school, in the summer of 2015, to document my style throughout my last year in high school and all the way through college and beyond. I am currently a student at Wake Forest University in North Carolina where I am double majoring in English and French Studies. This semester I am studying abroad in Dijon, France.”

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My Goal of the Day:

 To work as hard as I can.

My Thought of the Day:

 I can only do the best that I can do.

My Action of the Day:

 Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

My Deed of the Day:

Compliment a stranger.

My Tip of the Day:

Enjoy the small things in life- grabbing dinner with friends, a coffee, the sights and sounds of your city.

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I split my time between New York, where I live and Winston-Salem, NC where I go to school. I am also currently living in Dijon, France for the semester. I have a lot of love to give to these three cities! I love NY because it is the capital of the world! I love how fast paced it is. I love Winston-Salem because it has amazing local and fresh food. I love Dijon because it is a beautiful city and the capital of the Burgundy wine region!

Favorite breakfast meal & restaurant?

My favorite breakfast meal is Eggs Benedict. No one can really mess up Eggs Benedict!

What are you doing at:

6:00 AM –  Sleeping, and waiting for my 6:45 am alarm to start ringing to get ready to go to the University of Burgundy in Dijon, France.

10:00 AM – I am usually in French class, practicing my oral, writing and comprehension skills.

12:00 PM – Favorite Lunch spot/meal?

I am usually grabbing lunch with my friends here in Dijon. I always gravitate towards a salad with chicken and veggies.

7:00 PM –  I am getting back from class and am opening my computer to check my emails. I then start my homework and wait for my host parents to come home to start making dinner!

11:00 PM – I like to be in bed early! I am a way more productive person if I get a lot of sleep.  I always do my “Q&A a day book: 365 Questions, 5 Years, 1,825 Answers” to reflect on my day and see what I wrote from the years before.

What drink do you need to get through the day and at the end (and how many)?

WATER! I do not drink coffee. I have my trusty Camelbak Chute water bottle that I use everyday. I drink about 5 liters a day!

Most used App/Favorite Instagram Account?

My most used App is Instagram or WhatsApp. I am always on my phone! I am a busy lady with a lot of things to do! I am obsessed with @amelialiana on Instagram. Her photos are stunning! But I am also a big fan of my Instagram @tallandpreppy because I have been traveling every weekend since August, and have lots of beautiful travel pictures.

What should everyone try at least once?

Everyone should try living in a foreign country! It was hard at first, and a little bit of a culture shock, but I have learned so much about myself and I have grown in more ways than I can describe.

Where do you enjoy getting lost?

I enjoy getting lost all over the world, but specifically, Venice, Italy! I just got back from this beautiful city the other day. It is absolutely magical and it is the perfect city to just wander and get lost in.

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