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Ghada Wali
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TED Global Speaker & Multiple-award-winning designer

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TED Global Speaker 2017, Ghada Wali makes the youngest female speaker representing MENA region – She believes that Graphic design can change the world. The multiple-award-winning designer developed an Arabic typeface that was chosen as one of the best 100 graphic design pieces in the world by the Society of Typographic Arts in Chicago. She won a silver in the International A DESIGN AWARDS, Italy. Her work has been featured in art exhibits around the world and showcased in various articles internationally such as the World Economic Forum, Quartz Africa, Wired Italia & Japan, Slanted Berlin, and many more local and global platforms. Wali’s work most recently won the Granshan competition in Munich, as well as two Adobe Design Achievement awards in San Diego. She has been awarded the AWDA, AIAP the women in Design Award in Milan, recognising the influential women in the field.
Most importantly, Wali made it to Forbes Europe’s List 2017 (Arts & Immigrants category) which makes her the first Egyptian woman ever to appear in this category. As well as OKAYAFRICA-100WOMEN list 2018. She has been featured on UN Women Egypt and has been representing the Egyptian Women Council empowerment campaign. Wali holds a BA degree as one of the first design graduates of the German University in Cairo and a MA degree in Design from IED Istituto Europeo di Design, Florence, Italy, which she won as a scholarship basis. Her design experience includes MI7 Cairo, Fortune Promoseven and J. Walter Thompson, as well as teaching Graphic Design in both the German & American Universities in Cairo. Most recently she was the only woman selected to represent the youth of Egypt at the opening of the world youth forum sharm el sheikh, and has been awarded by the president, which makes it the first time in the history of Egypt to recognise and award the field of Graphic Design/Visual Communication and the industry as a whole. She was also selected within the top 50 most influential women in Egypt, 2018.

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My Goal of the Day: to produce

My Thought of the Day: to inspire

My Action of the Day: to create

My Deed of the Day: to empower

My Tip of the Day: Turn pain into power.

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The history, the culture, beauty in the chaos. The unparalleled people.

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I don’t have breakfast!

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6:00 AM – Sleeping

10:00 AM – Working at the Studio.

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Sequoia, Cairo

7:00 PM – Working at the Studio.

11:00 PM – Working at the Studio.

What drink do you need to get through the day and at the end (and how many)?

Unconditional amounts of Coffee!!

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Uber, because you just can’t drive in Cairo!

What should everyone try at least once?

Letting Go

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I am the founder of Wali’s Studio. Im a Human | Designer | Artist who believes Design can change the world. 

Please find below link to my bio

Watch the TED global talk here.

UNESCO article here : 

One who doesn’t have a history, does not have a future. I create work that is relevant to who I am and where I come from. I have gained global recognition on the works that specifically celebrate my identity. My aim is to encompass the Arab & Egyptian flavor through portraying my work on the maps of global trends.  I want to create a visual revolution in Egypt and the Middle East, I want to spread Graphic Design education and increase awareness of its necessity in our daily lives. I hope that one day I can be responsible for implementing the role of Graphic Design in Education, Health, Politics and any fields where design can contribute to promoting, maximizing and reviving my country and the whole region.

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