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Hamoon Ekhtiari
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Education, Entrepreneurship, Technology
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Founder & CEO of Audacious Futures & FutureFit AI
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FutureFit AI is the Google Maps for the future of work and learning and serves as an AI-powered upskilling and reskilling solution for governments, enterprises, and individuals with a mission to help solve the global skills challenge. Our solution is designed to power people at every stage of their work lives to explore the world of careers and skills; set a “destination”; get “located” based on their skills and abilities; choose from recommended personalized “pathways”; and receive supports along those paths.

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A lover of all things blueberry and/or avocado, Hamoon is the Founder & CEO of Audacious Futures, a global launchpad for re-imagining the future at the intersection of technology, humanity, & philosophy. Incubated at Audacious Futures, he is also CEO and Founder of FutureFit AI, an AI-powered upskilling and reskilling solution for governments, enterprises, and individuals with a mission to help solve the global skills challenge.

Previously, he was the Director of Strategy and Innovation for the Executive Vice President at TELUS. Prior to that, Hamoon was the Founding Director of Studio [Y], a leadership and innovation academy at MaRS, Canada’s largest innovation hub. He has also founded a social enterprise which raised $1M in its first year, helped build Deloitte’s consulting business in the Caribbean, and taught as adjunct faculty.

Hamoon is a member of the Governor General’s Canadian Leadership Conference, an AdR Fellow at University of Cambridge, a recipient of University of Waterloo’s Alumni Achievement Medal, and a Canada Millennium Scholar. He is passionate about unlocking the potential of people, organizations, and societies to re-imagine and build the future.

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What do you do best?:

There is so much that I am definitely no good at so let’s start there – I have 0 (if not negative) creative / artistic talent and am equally unhelpful when it comes to all the life and technical skills requiring one to use their hands. With all those deficiencies, I have been lucky to find one thing I can do reasonably well – (non-technical) problem-solving. I can help individuals, organizations, and societies ask big questions, re-imagine what’s possible, design novel solutions, feel heard / seen / understood, and turn it all into reality. Put another way, I can look for and find the more audacious path and make it easier to take that road.

What makes you the best version of yourself?:

Hard to ever consider yourself the best unless you are Usain Bolt-level but makes me often better than most at the tiny sliver of the world I work in is a recipe of 3 ingredients: 1) immigrant mindset – not feeling settled and comfortable, having to make sense of the seemingly foreign, needing to be creative and resourceful in the moment 2) bold humility – pursuing the seeming impossible yet always knowing that it’s never about you 3) sense of responsibility – to the team, to parents, to mentors who have made it possible for you to have this opportunity

What are your aspirations? (Personal and Business):

We have made a lot of progress as humanity in the last few hundred years and solved the majority of simple and complicated problems – we are really good at predictably making more money with money, building almost tool or product, marketing almost anything to almost anyone. What we haven’t had even come close to hacking are the complex problems – how do you make San Francisco a city with 0 poverty? How do you give everyone in the world access to the same rights? How do you make sure every human has enough water and food every day? How do you make sure a business has no toxic internal politics? How do you help every person realize their full potential?

My dream is to make a small contribution to helping humanity level up on how we solve our most complex challenges.

Biggest Success?:

Yet to come but clear on what it would look like: a full year during which 1,000 people would directly attribute a lasting improvement in their lives in part to something I did and 0 people see me as responsible for a negative impact on their lives.

Most Challenging Moment? Finish work Friday @ 6PM, pack my life on Saturday, land in a country where I didn’t know a single person on Sunday.


Fall in love with the problem, not your solution. Build at the intersection of YesAND not EitherOR. Your best is always good enough and you can always do better.

Favorite People/Role Models?:

Elon Musk, hands down. He is basically the personification (personal life aside) of what Audacious Futures is all about and the type of world I hope to be a part of building.

Pierre Trudeau, Justin Trudeau’s father, was my first inspiration and the person who made me fall in love with Canada after I moved here.

Favorite Places/Destinations?:

Barbados is where my heart is. UAE is where the student of the future in me feels most at home.

Favorite Products/Objects?:

Black + white, hexagonal pattern, leather football (the real one, not the one you use to play that “Hand Egg” sport).

Google Maps – I think it is such an amazing source of inspiration for many of the future problems we need to solve. We’ve built most of the products we need, the problems ahead of us are navigation problems – how do people navigate the world of work, education, health, finance, etc.

Current Passions?:

Working on building the Google Maps for the Future of Work & Learning in – what if you could ‘explore’ the world of careers and skills, set a ‘destination’ of where you want to go next, get ‘located’ in terms of where you are starting from, get recommended ‘pathways’ to go from a to b, and receive guidance and support along the way?

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