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Heather Pelletier
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Food & Beverages / Culinary
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Executive Chef, Chumley's

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After a year in Momofuku’s pastry department, Heather Pelletier joined Osteria Morini, working each station for the six years she was there, ultimately becoming chef de cuisine. She left for Vaucluse to learn classic French techniques where she remained for a year, before joining Boqueria in SoHo. She chose Chumley’s as her first executive chef position because she felt she could find a happy medium between the fine dining and casual kitchens she had worked in previously.

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My Goal of the Day:

To do things a little better than the day before

My Thought of the Day:

Remember that everyone has their own personal things going on outside of the job and outside of you

My Action of the Day:

To create delicious food that makes people happy

My Deed of the Day:

Foster a healthy work environment where everyone is happy to come to work

My Tip of the Day:

Don’t dwell on the negative

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A Day in My Life:
What do you love most about Your City?
The diversity of people and food available, and that there’s always something going on no matter what time.
Favorite breakfast meal & restaurant?
Everything bagel with cream cheese from any good bagel place where they make them on premises
What are you doing at:
6:00 AM – sleeping
10:00 AM – waking up and eating breakfast
12:00 PM – just getting to work on my bike
Favorite Lunch spot/meal?
Not really applicable to my daily life 7:00 PM – just getting busy in service 11:00 PM – placing orders for the next day and then winding down
What drink do you need to get through the day and at the end (and how many)?
Water, coffee, repeat…..until the end of the day when I’ll have some wine
Most used App/Favorite Instagram Account?
Instagram- humans of New York!
What should everyone try at least once?
Solo travel. It gets you out of your comfort zone and it’s wonderful way to see new places
Where do you enjoy getting lost? I
n grocery stores

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