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Irene Michaels
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Beauty / Cosmetics, Non-Profits / Philanthropy, Writing
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Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Equestrian & Beauty/Lifestyle Expert

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Irene Michaels is a Chicago-based entrepreneur, philanthropist, equestrian and beauty and lifestyle expert at I On The Scene. She has her own anti-aging skincare line called I On Youth Collection by Irene Michaels™.

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My Goal of the Day:

To stay positive

My Thought of the Day:

Think young

My Action of the Day:

Always keep moving

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Make someone smile

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Keep a childlike attitude and be a good listener 

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A Day in My Life:  

From the moment that my feet hit the floor, it is nonstop. Deals to be made, fires that need putting out, emails and phone calls by the dozens. Every day is a new adventure and I love to be on the go. The hustle is deep in my personality and I thrive on it. For me, age is just a number and I’m not looking to slow down anytime soon.

What do you love most about Your City?  I love the beauty of Chicago – the architecture keeps my eyes engaged and inspires me creatively. The people of this fine city put all of their time intowork, family and fun. I love all the city year-round, but the summers is when the city really shines, with concerts in the park, packed rooftops and more festivals than you know what to do with.

Favorite breakfast meal and restaurant? I love to start my morning off with an order of soft boiled eggs, bacon and a side of whole wheat toast. There is a great little place in the Gold Coast neighborhood, called The Breakfast Club, it’s a great mix of an old school diner with chic updates.

What are you doing at:

6:00 AM – Thinking about the day. I like to start my morning after by spending some time getting centered, aligning myself with the day ahead and creating a list of things I would like to accomplish.

10:00 AM – I am off to a morning workoutthis is critical to my day. Working out gets my mind and body going, and gets my creative juices flowing.

12:00 PM – Favorite Lunch spot/meal? Gene and Georgetti is a Chicago institution and my absolute favorite spot in the city. Every time you walk in, it feels like your walking into a friend’s home. Plus, the food is out of this world. If you go, you have to get one of their steaks. They are truly unbelievable

7:00 PM – In the afternoon I spend most of my time returning emails and phone calls, so that once the 7 o’clock hour hits, I can head for dinner with my husband or friends. I also often attend, one of the many events held in this great city. From magazine cover launches to a worthy charity event, my nights are full.

11:00 PM – Before I turn in for the night, I return any important emails and get ready to start my day over again. 

What drink do you need to get through the day and at the end (and how many)?  To say I’m a coffee addict would be an understatement. It is the fuel that keeps me going through the emails, phone calls and deal negotiations. Then when I am out, I love to treat myself to a glass of nice wine.

Most used App/Favorite Instagram Account? I always have iTunes on. I am a music lover and performer, so for me it really helps spark creativity. There are far too many wonderful and inspiring Instagram accounts for me to pick my favorite. I can get lost on my feed, feeling inspired by all the wonderful content being put out.

What should everyone try at least once? Get up on stage. There is no rush like it. I have been performing for years and I never get tired of it. 

Where do you enjoy getting lost?  I don’t really enjoy getting lost ever, but it can feel like getting lost when I ride my horse. I have been riding for years and it’s such a peaceful and exciting experience.

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