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Jeremy Slate
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Lake Hopatcong, NJ, USA

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Media / Journalism
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Podcast production company.

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6-10 years of work experience

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Jeremy Slate is the founder of the Create Your Own Life Podcast which helps entrepreneurs live the lives they know they were meant to. He studied literature at Oxford University, Specializes in helping entrepreneurs to tell their story and was ranked #1 in iTunes New and Noteworthy. It is because of Jeremy’s success in podcasting that he was able to accomplish 10,000 downloads of his podcast in the first month. After his success in podcasting, Jeremy Slate and Daniel Gefen founded Get Featured to help entrepreneurs get their message out by appearing as guests on podcasts.

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What do you do best?:

I’m a better action taker than most. I have the unique ability to hone in on the single action that will drive business or whatever it is that I’m working on myself forward and then concentrate a high level of energy towards that single thing.

What makes you the best version of yourself?:

First and foremost its always fitness, I have been dedicated to fitness, powerlifting and biohacking more than half of my life which puts me in the best position to succeed. I seek leadership when embarking on something new or struggling in business form someone that has the highest level of success at that particular thing. I think its important to seek guidance from someone that has been there, it truly shortens the growth curve.

What are your aspirations? (Personal and Business):

I love to travel so first and foremost on a personal level its to always be an explorer because I feel like we learn by truly by experience. We then have a higher level appreciation for culture an history through exploring and experiencing it.

In a business sense I’m passionate about helping people in the service business be able to generate a higher level of income through personal branding. It’s all about impact and for me if I can help someone create a powerful personal brand where they can charge 2-3 times what they currently are, then that is really life-changing!

Biggest Success?:

For me its a simple thing but when I was featured in INC Magazine it was a big personal success for me because it proved to my parents and friends that I really was doing something. I was confident in my own mission but I really needed that validation from the people that mattered most in life. It really changed the game for me because they then became my biggest supporters.

Most Challenging Moment?:

It was starting to weed out the people that had been my best friends for much of my early life. I did not want to believe what they wanted for me to be negative until I looked it in the teeth. My best friend told me he wanted to see me fail, I couldn’t believe it. With energy like that in our lives we will never achieve so it helped me make the decision that it was time to remove them from my life!


I bigger problems, bigger problems means a higher level of success.

Favorite People/Role Models?:

Grant Cardone, most of my drive comes from what I have learned and read from him. It really is the level of action that we take that determines our success and I learned that from Grant.

Favorite Places/Destinations?:

Greece was my favorite place to visit, seeing that I was a history major. I wanted to make it equally special to my wife and so I proposed to her in front of the Parthenon at sunset; it’s no forever cemented in both of our lives.

Favorite Products/Objects?:

I just got this really bluetooth speaker that’s water proof recently so it allows me to listen to a podcast (and hear the timer for my cold shower) while I am in the shower.

Current Passions?:

My current passion is always travel I just love the experience of seeing the world and my pet pig, he’s an interested pet and we love him!

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