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Jonas Tåhlin
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Native AdVice
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New York, NY, USA

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Food & Beverages / Culinary
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CEO of Absolut Elyx
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Vodka Company – Super-premium single-batch vodka from the makers of Absolut.

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16-20 years of work experience

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Jonas Tåhlin is CEO of Absolut Elyx and has been the Vice President Global Marketing at The Absolut Company since August 2011. As CEO of Absolut Elyx, Jonas is now based in New York as of Summer 2014 and in charge of the Global Brand Management and Innovation for ABSOLUT VODKA, MALIBU, KAHLÙA.

Before that he was Vice President of Brand Development, based in London, and responsible for the implementation of market strategies and interaction among markets for ABSOLUT VODKA, MALIBU, KAHLÙA, Wyborowa, Luksusowa and Frïs. Jonas Tåhlin started his career in 1998 as an assistant brand manager at Procter & Gamble. During his years at Procter & Gamble Jonas was stationed in Stockholm, Rio de Janeiro, Geneva and Caracas. He advanced within the company to Senior Brand Manager and finally Marketing Director for various brands within Procter & Gamble. Jonas joined Vin & Sprit as Zone Director Europe in April 2006. In 2008, after the acquisitionof Vin & Sprit by Pernod Ricard, Jonas became Regional Vice President of The Absolut Company in the Americas. During his 2,5 years as Regional Vice President of The Absolut Company in the Americas sales of ABSOLUT increased dramatically.

In January 2010 he moved on to become Vice President, Marketing, Pernod Ricard USA for ABSOLUT before being given the task to create an entire new department at The Absolut Company. In July 2010 he led the organizational change when the new department Brand Development at The Absolut Company moved from Stockholm to London. Jonas Tåhlin holds a Master of Science in Business and Economics from Stockholm School of Economics. Jonas great interest in cars takes him to Nürnburg Ring in Germany where he test drives his personal favorites twice every year.

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Celebrate integrity

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Marlon Brando’s autobiography

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Popcorn is healthier than vegetables (apparently)

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