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James Varga
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Native AdVice
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Edinburgh, Scotland

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Innovation / Product Development, Security / Privacy, Technology
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Dedicated to creating trust online. Through our consumer product, miiCard and our business product, DirectID, banks and their customers can share trusted data in a completely safe way.

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Business Tools / Business to Business Services (B2B)
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Serial Entrepreneur
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21-30 years of work experience

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James Varga founded The ID Co. (previously miiCard) with a mission to create trust online through the miiCard Digital Passport for consumers and its B2B service DirectID. The core premise of The ID Co. is that by leveraging an individual’s trusted relationship with their bank, it can extend trust online to open up new opportunities globally and instantly. This layer of trust on the Internet will make it possible to change our understanding and experience of the world by allowing everyone to more easily and securely interact and transact with more people.

Over his more than 20-year career in technology, James has held a number of senior level positions in marketing, technology and management roles. Most recently, he served as a co-founder and director of Money Dashboard, the UK’s leading personal finance management tool. He also created beblu, the first mini-component computer system designed for the living room; led a knowledge assessment service; a digital agency for websites and financial service applications named lightershade; and founded Squarepeg, an eBusiness consultancy specializing in CRM and sales management.

James is an acknowledged expert in online identity, a respected business leader and a serial entrepreneur. He is also active in a number of local and global efforts to help people do more online, including the StartEDIN collective of companies in Edinburgh’s tech ecosystem and Trust In Digital Life (TDL) whose mission is to create a trusted ecosystem that protects data and assets of citizens and enterprises across Europe. Most recently, James co-chaired the data subgroup of the Open Bank Working Group (OBWG) with the HM Treasury to explore how data could be used to help people transact, save, borrow, lend and invest their money.

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Your Business's Motto?:

This is an easy one. We as a team talked for a long time about what it should be and then realised we already had one – ‘One Step Ahead.’ As a team this is all about doing the right things just before we need to do them…whether it is being one step ahead of the fraudsters, industry trends, customer requirements or expectations in delivering what we believe is a hugely exciting and fundamental service of trust online.

One food and drink on earth, what would you choose?:

If it was good food and drink then I would say sushi and beer…if it was truly great food and drink I would say Yakitori and Sochu. I absolutely love the full Yakitori bar experience of fresh grilled meat, sochu and some great chat.

What literature is on your bed stand?:

I’m really boring when it comes to reading I’m afraid. I would like to highlight some author that everyone is fascinated with but when I do read – I tend to read non-fiction. Phycology, behavioural, universal sciences, etc – all of those things that bring us closer to understanding how we tick and what makes us human…and how we fit into the universe.

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