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Khrystyna Tyminska
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Apparel & Fashion, Beauty / Cosmetics, Entertainment - Other, Television / Film, Travel / Leisure
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Model & Actress

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Khrystyna Tyminska, an international model and rising personality born in Lviv, Ukraine, has been rooted in the industry ever since moving to Dublin, Ireland at age nine and dancing in the Olympia Theatre. With the passing of her father when she was eleven years old and several other hardships experienced at a young age, Khrystyna developed a strong drive to succeed.
Khrystyna began modeling at age of 16 and was featured in many magazines and fashion websites. She admires Tyra Banks and sees her as her role model.

To pursue her love of the arts, she attended the National Performing Arts School and then furthered her education at the Dublin Business School, receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Film and Media. After moving to Los Angeles in 2016, Khrystyna got the opportunity to be a promotional model with CIROC at the Diddy Bad Boy Reunion tour. She has firmly established her presence in the industry after appearing in multiple music videos from NERVO’s “Forever Or Nothing” to Chris Brown’s “Grass Ain’t Greener,” a Billboard Hot 100 which has received over 54 million views on YouTube. She has also been featured in Billboard, TBS and has modeled in countless runway shows for many designers and collaborated with Bellami Hair and Fashion Nova. Khrystyna’s show-stopping beauty and tenacious perseverance has launched her into becoming an international success.

Naturally gaining followers on social media and amassing almost 100K, and already having her roots planted in the fashion industry Khrystyna was also featured in The Shops at Dos Lagos Shopping Centre commercial and was featured in Christmas Commercial on TBS featuring Kenny G.

She plans to further expand her brand by working with major brands and crossing over into acting. She has already took part in two movies ”The Last Wizard” and an upcoming movie ”All Star Weekend” featuring Jamie Foxx, Eva Longoria and Gerard Butler. A true “hustler,” Khrystyna works hard and constantly, giving everything her fullest attention and dedication, with still some comedy on the side. Work never detracts from her witty sense of humor and bright personality.

As an up-and-comer in the fashion world, she plans to give back by supporting local charities and by acting as a role model to other women also hoping to break into the modeling world. Khrystyna can be described as fearless for being unafraid to open up about her life and all of the trials and tribulations she has been through in the past. She loves offering advice on topics ranging from modeling to real life situations. When asked what’s helping her rise to the top, she always credits that it’s her passion and confidence that makes her stand out from the crowd.

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My Goal of the Day:

To do something productive every day.

My Thought of the Day:

Be better than you were yesterday.

My Action of the Day:

Physical activity every single day such as gym.

My Deed of the Day:

I strongly support mental health, so I often reach out to my followers and spread love and positivity and check on them. I think it is important to show love and spread positivity in this world. You never know what someone else is going through and an easy message asking how are you will put a smile on their face.

My Tip of the Day:

Write down your goals for every single day and how you are going to achieve them. Be productive. Dreams don’t work unless you do.

My photo with myself and my dad. Without him I would not be here right now. I love him so much and miss him so much. I am forever great full. He is forever in my hearth.

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What do you love most about Your City?

I love Los Angeles because everyone is here living their dreams and hustling. I love the weather in Los Angeles because it always puts me in a great mood.

Favorite breakfast meal & restaurant? I am trying to live a healthy lifestyle as much as possible. I feel that a great healthy breakfast in the morning is always how you should start your day. My favorite breakfast now is Avocado toast with egg and strawberries. I always make my own breakfast at home.

What are you doing at:

6:00 AM – I do wake up early have breakfast and get on with my plans for the day whether it is filming or a photo shoot. I also love to go hiking in the morning and then I have breakfast afterwards.

10:00 AM – I like to go to the gym and look after my health.

12:00 PMFavorite Lunch spot/meal?

When it comes to restaurants I am obsessed with Sushi! It is so good! Any sushi restaurant is great but if you are in Los Angeles I recommend Midori sushi in Encino.

7:00 PM – Having a nice dinner. I absolutely love seafood or something spicy.

11:00 PM – Reading any positive and motivating books to keep my mind in a good space. I also love reading books about acting. The Power of Actor book by Ivana Chubbuck is a game changer!

What drink do you need to get through the day and at the end (and how many)?

I drink plenty of water every single day. I like to drink 2 liters of water per day. It keeps me hydrated and it is the best tip for a clear skin.

Most used App/Favorite Instagram Account?

I follow @bestvacations on Instagram. I love traveling so so much visiting beautiful places around the world, meeting new people and learning about different cultures. Their page helps to do choose where I should go next for my vacation.

What should everyone try at least once?

Everyone should try and do something that they are scared of failing at, at least once in their life, if not more.

Where do you enjoy getting lost?

I often lose myself listening to music. I love to workout listening to music. I cannot work out without music.

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