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Kim Cope
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Senior Product Lead, Dapper Labs

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Kim Cope is a senior product lead at Dapper Labs and one of the founding members of CryptoKitties. Kim is Dapper’s in-house expert on everything blockchain, internally developing new products and market strategies for consumer-facing products and infrastructure tooling. She currently leads a team of dedicated product managers, engineers, designers, and marketers – all working to bring the first billion people to the blockchain.

Kim is a tireless advocate for smart contract-based solutions and has developed best practices to serve the intersection of decentralized technologies, user experience, and interoperability. Her dedication and expertise has made her an in-demand speaker at numerous global conferences, including the Global Bank of International Settlements in Switzerland, where she educated leaders from the world’s top 60 banks on the benefits of decentralization. She also speaks regularly to private audiences on topics including blockchain, smart contracts, innovation, and product strategy.

Prior to joining Axiom Zen, Dapper Labs’ parent company, Kim was an analyst at renowned financial services firm Raymond James, where she worked on various cash management solutions and analyzed stocks for Fortune 500 clients. She then moved on to a product role with a fintech startup before founding Startup Skool, an international edtech company focused on educating youth on entrepreneurship, design thinking, and technology. Startup Skool has worked with young learners in North America, Central America, and Asia, amongst other regions.

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Kim Cope is an entrepreneur, and product expert. Her team would tell you she’s the person to go with tough problems to solve, can explain complex technical ideas in a simple and intuitive way, and will be the first to laugh at terrible jokes. She’s an accomplished professional, was a fellow at Vancouver’s The Next Big Thing Foundation, a recipient of Spin Master’s Innovators of the Year award, a TedX speaker, and included in The Gustavson School of Business’ Top 25 Alumni to Watch cohort.

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  • Being close to the water and mountains. You can hang out at the beach or go for a hike and see a breathtaking view all within 20 minutes of downtown. Favorite meal & restaurant?
    • Gnocchi at Nook

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    6:00 AM – Either going for a workout or slowly waking up with a coffee.

    10:00 AM – Meeting with my team to go over the week’s priorities.

    12:00 PM – If it’s a Tuesday, I am almost always getting tacos at La Cantina!

    7:00 PM – Attempting to make vegan dishes at home.

    11:00 PM – Sleeping.

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    • 2 cups of coffee and lots of water!

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    • A culture shock

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    • In my own head

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