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Mario Bruendel
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CEO, XportForwarding

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Throughout Mario Bruendel’s 20 years of international shipping experience, an MBA from Pepperdine University, and undergrad from Hamburger Fern-Hochschulein in Hamburg, he has gained global understanding–overseas and here at home–to serve the needs of his customers big and small. Using his vast international network, Mario has strategically consulted with scores of businesses to help them grow internationally. At XportForwarding, global commerce is at the customer’s fingertips. XportForwarding is a technology driven company dedicated to providing tools that solve the customer’s pain points and supports the larger international shipping industry’s evolving export needs.  XportForwarding transcends the status quo of freight forwarding by building relationships that deliver quality, service and profitability the clients and stakeholders in a dynamically changing global market.  XportForwarding emphasizes business solutions that create opportunities for clients to grow and expand their revenue streams.


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Tell Us More:

Being from Europe, I love the weather in Southern California.  I also love the people and sitting in my favorite restaurant/bar and watching the waves role in on the beach.

Favorite breakfast meal & restaurant? 

The food and culture in SoCal is so diverse, that it you find anything to eat and it will be good.  My favorite restaurant is a place called Mutt Lynch’s on Balboa Island.  It is right on the beach and a great place to relax.

What are you doing at:

6:00 AM – Working!  That said, everyday I am not traveling, I get my daughter ready in the morning and then take her to school.  This and spending time with my wife is the highlight of my day.

10:00 AM – Meetings!  I spend a lot of time on the phone finding new business or with my team.  In freight forwarding, the name of the game is all about keeping relationships strong (be they internal or external).

12:00 PM – Favorite Lunch spot/meal?

I have two offices that are located next to big shopping venues.  Sometimes I will slip across the street to get a sandwhich or if I have clients, we will go to Cucina Enotecha for some lobster enchiladas.

7:00 PM – A lot of time is spent having dinner with clients.  If there is a free evening, I will be at home with my family

11:00 PM – It is time to relax before getting to bed!  All work and no play makes Mario a dull boy!!

What drink do you need to get through the day and at the end (and how many)?

In the morning I will drink coffee and water.  During the day maybe a beer or margarita if it is a special occasion or an important business lunch.  At the end of the day, give me an ice cold beer and everything is good in the world!

Most used App/Favorite Instagram Account?

I use my United Airlines app and LinkedIn a ton.  For Instagram, the Warsteiner Brauerei takes me back home

What should everyone try at least once? 

Travel the world.  My daughter is only 4 and has been to 14 different countries already.  The United States is the greatest place in the world to live, but you have to travel to understand why and to appreciate the good and the bad.

Where do you enjoy getting lost? 

The ski slopes of Mammoth Lakes or Lake Tahoe.  Taking my wife and daughter for a couple days of snow boarding is the best!

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