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Marise Samitier
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Marisé is an awarded film director and an optioned screenwriter born in Spain and living in Los Angeles. Marisé has an MFA in Screenwriting from UCLA. Alumni of American Film Institute’s Directing Workshop for Women. Her scripts have place in Nicholl, Page and Austin. Her short films have garnered numerous awards. She just finished postproduction on a new music video on ageism for iconic punk rocker Alice Bag. Currently, Marisé is developing a feature length thriller A Fistful of Ashes, which she plans to direct in 2019. She is member of WIF (Women in Film), EWA (European Women Filmmakers), AWD (Alliance of Women Directors) and WGA (Writer’s Guild of America) Independent Caucus. Marisé lives in Los Angeles with her husband and her 11-year old daughter who keeps them young and playful.

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