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Micky Sivapruksa
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Apparel & Fashion, Health, Wellness and Fitness
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Founder, Flexi Lexi
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Micky Sivapruksa is founder of Flexi Lexi. Born from a frustration with sports bras in the market being too tight or too loose, Flexi Lexi decided to make their own.

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Product Oriented Business

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Micky Sivapruksa is founder of Flexi Lexi. Born from a frustration with sports bras in the market being too tight or too loose, Flexi Lexi decided to make their own. Based in bustling Bangkok, Thailand where everyone is on a mission to stay fit, this beneficial brand has quickly expanded their online store to sell yoga pants, dancer leggings, shorts, mermaid tails, ballerina tutus and more! Offering flexible, fitting, comfortable and chic clothing, the sports apparel from Flexi Lexi can be worn for any occasion

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How did you get into the industry?:

Flexi Lexi Fitness started when I was pregnant with my first son Troy in 2014. I was practicing prenatal yoga and found that the sports bras were really too tight definitely for pregnant ladies whose breasts usually increase a few cups. I was at the point where I was wearing a bikini instead of a sports bra. That’s when I was thinking that maybe we could invent a “bralette” – like a sports bra but gives not too much support (medium) and 100% comfort and also style. That was when Flexi Lexi started with the first yoga Lexi bralettes. Then the other lines came soon after.

Emerging industry trends?:

Yogis for the past few years have been more open to accept new brands. 10 years ago in yoga scene, everyone was only wearing Lulu Lemon. Now there’s so many new small business brands with unique styles and people welcome them with open arms.

Industry opportunities and challenges?:

For sure there’s a lot of challenges. There’s so many yoga brands in the market but of course there’s always business for everyone. Customers just have more choices and they can choose what’s the best for their style. THere’s also “huge” brands in the market that have a lot of money to project to make their brand look more professional. There’s a certain bran that has been scouting yogis who wear other yoga brands and offer them lots of cash each month to keep them wearing their brand and representing their brand and taking amazing photos for them. These brands will soon take over social media yoga scene and if all yogis with big following are all wearing their brands then there’s probably little market left for other smaller brands.

Inspiration for the business idea, and your vision for the Business?:

The inspirations behind our brand is comfort, style and fun prints. For me personally I love fun prints and vibrant colours so you can see all these in all of our items. We will keep producing fun things and also a more variety of things (not just yoga but also other sports).

What's next for the Business in the near future?:

We will launched a new collection early next month. And early next year we will add to our Mini Collection the boys surfer shorts. We have always had requests from moms to make cool things for their boys as our Mini Flexi Lexi for little girls and matching items with their mamas are just so so cute. We just signed with Nordstrom and Yoga Outlet and there’s a lot more collaborations on the horizon.

Your key initiatives for the success of the Business? Greatest Accomplishment?:

We are lucky to be able to work with so many talented yogis in the social media. We set up amazing photo shoots both for adult lines and mini lines which are so so adorable. We can proudly say that we are one of a few brands that have the cutest mini and mommy matching lines.

Your most difficult moment at the Business? (and what did you learn?):

I suppose it’s always difficult when yogis who used to wear our brand were scouted to wear another brand who offered them $$$$$. We discovered a lot of new faced yogis since we started but when the big brand spotted them from our instagram then they recruited them and paid them to work for their brand. But I believe in Flexi Lexi and I know that even when we don’t have big bucks to pay yogis to be our full time brand ambassadors, we will still be able to thrive in this business. Also when there’s so many knockoffs of our products in the market and those companies also use our photos to sell our knockoffs. It’s incredibly annoying and disheartening. But honestly we strive to serve our customers and are always so busy to come up with new fun projects and lines we hardly have the time to worry about these companies. And again, when your products are copied, you know that it’s famous enough that people care to copy your brand and even though it is annoying, it is also kind of a compliment.

Ideal experience for a customer/client?:

The customers always love that the photos we post on our social media are them. Unlike many brands who only use photos from professional photoshoots, we post customers who wear our products and also moms with their kids who can be your next door neighbors.

How do you motivate others?:

At Flexi Lexi, we only have a small team of people who work with us. And we treat everyone as family. Usually we go to have pizza or ice cream party together and when the sales reach a certain point I also offer bonus to keep the team happy. All Flexi Lexi team members can also choose any item they like to wear to work. It’s fun and colorful and always happy at our office.

Career advice to those in your industry?:

Never ever say “it’s not my job”. I think it’s always beneficial to learn new skills and learn new things. It makes you resourceful and helps you acquire versatile skills.

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