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Neil Gillis
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Native AdVice
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New York, NY, USA

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President of Round Hill Music
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Full-service, creative music company with a core focus on music publishing

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31-40 years of work experience

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Neil is the former Managing Director of Alfred Music Publishing. Neil was previously President of S1 Songs America and also its predecessor Dimensional Music Publishing. Previously, he was East Coast GM for Concord Music Group after spending 16 years with Warner/Chappell Music, most recently as SVP of Creative Music Solutions. He also spent 6 years as the Head of International for BMI. Neil is a composer, classically trained French horn player and jazz guitarist. He serves on the boards of the BMI Foundation, the Johnny Mercer Foundation and the National Music Publishers Association.

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One food and drink on earth, what would you choose?:

A perfectly cooked Rib Eye steak with a glass of red Zin from Sonoma in California.

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Like many people, my music tastes are eclectic.  I have everything from Hendrix to Mozart to current hits to deep catalog songs.  Publishers are song people, so there’s all kinds.

Most interesting headline read this week:

“Imprisoned former death-row inmate addresses grads”– Has to be a perspective these students would never normally hear from.

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