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Nicole Forsyth
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Non-Profits / Philanthropy
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President & CEO, RedRover

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Since 2006, Nicole Forsyth has been President and CEO of RedRover, a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that brings animals from crisis to care and strengthens the human-animal bond. To better reflect its work and expanding programs, she led the organization through a major re-branding effort in 2011, which successfully laid the ground work for current growth initiatives. RedRover now has a staff of 20 and a budget of $3.6 million, its largest to date.  The organization is focused on three main programs: RedRover Relief, RedRover Responders and RedRover Readers. RedRover believes pets are family, and RedRover Responders and RedRover Relief help people and animals in crisis — whether facing a natural disaster, emergency veterinary expense or difficulty escaping a domestic violence situation — and work to keep people with their pets during a crisis whenever possible.

RedRover Readers works to further strengthen the human-animal bond by helping children, ages 5 – 11, develop the steps necessary for empathy. In 2007, Nicole created RedRover Readers and its curriculum that educators and volunteers are taught to implement in elementary schools throughout the United States and Canada. She later co-wrote and directed the development of ‘The Restricted Adventures of Raja,’ an interactive, bilingual digital book and game series as part of the program. In addition, she now serves as Editor for the Kind NewsTM magazine for kids, recently acquired from the Humane Society of the United States.  She holds a master of science degree in animal biology/welfare from the University of California, Davis. She also holds a master’s degree in Communication from the University of Maine and a bachelor’s degree in English and Education from the University of Colorado.

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What’s the one thing I can do that will have the most extraordinary result?

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“No one who achieves success does so without acknowledging the help of others. The wise and confident acknowledge this help with gratitude.” Alfred North Whitehead

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Energized a crowd of people around the idea that #petsarefamily

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Tell someone how much I appreciate them

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Read, read, read

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What do you love most about Your City? 

The trees and the free-roaming chickens!

Favorite breakfast meal & restaurant?

Orphan Breakfast House, Platas Verde

What are you doing at:

6:00 AM – Still sleeping; I am not at my best unless I have a solid 8 hours of sleep.

10:00 AM – Focusing on the top priority for the day as circled in my black notebook or in a meeting with staff making a big mess of ideas on a whiteboard.

12:00 PM – Favorite Lunch spot/meal?

The nutty taco at the Sunflower Drive-In in Fair Oaks on weekends; I rarely leave the office for lunch.

7:00 PM –  Irish dance class or climbing gym

11:00 PM – Asleep

What drink do you need to get through the day and at the end (and how many)?

I love coffee, so every day starts with a cup of black coffee from beans I grind by hand, which I usually do while practicing Irish dance kicks!

Most used App/Favorite Instagram Account?

Spotify; Coffee with Smudge, an adorable rabbit who goes to coffee shops, and Little Miss Book Readers are two of my favorite Instagram accounts.

What should everyone try at least once?

Travel to a country where you don’t speak the language.

Where do you enjoy getting lost? 

Hiking in the mountains with my dog Jasper.

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