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Niels Meersschaert
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Native AdVice
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New York, NY, USA

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Marketing / Advertising, Technology
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CTO of Qualia
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A decision engine that provides ÿmarketers with the ability to respond to real-time expressions of consumer intent.

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21-30 years of work experience

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As Chief Technology Officer, Niels Meersschaert leads all aspects of Qualia’s technology strategy, research and product development as well as external technology partnerships. He also plays a key leadership role in the overall strategy and direction of the company.  He is an accomplished leader in the digital technology industry with more than 20 years’ experience.
Before joining Qualia, Niels was the founding employee and Principal Architect at Magnetic, one of the early innovators in search retargeting. At Magnetic, he pioneered many cross-company initiatives that drove innovative new products and improved user experiences for consumers and advertising partners. He also contributed to the growth of the company from 2 to 40 employees and to $20 million in revenue.
Prior to Magnetic, Niels held various senior technologist roles with Gucci, Business Week, and PixelJump.

Niels holds a B.S. in Television & Film Production from Hofstra University and resides in Brooklyn with his wife.

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Consumers declare. We deliver. It’s our tagline and a fantastic way to describe what motivates us as we create value for our clients.

One food and drink on earth, what would you choose?:

Indonesian rice table.

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Most frequented browsers on website:

That’s tough to riff off here, because they’re pre-populated via RSS feeds. Ones that come quickly to mind include:  Ars Technica, various industry rags, and

Most interesting headline read this week:

The press surrounding Facebook Atlas.  In the same vein as IQ, Facebook Atlas has a lot of reach across multiple devices, which makes it easier to understand a great deal about an individual. Where we’re different, is that people are multi-faceted and do a ton of things outside of Facebook.

Qualia, an Intent targeting pioneer, empowers marketers with the ability to respond to real-time expressions of consumer intent. Our Intent QualityTM Decision Engine creates a composite of multiple intent signals from a consumer and overlays our targeting capabilities to reach a marketer’s most qualified audience. Our technology then targets that consumer across any or all of their devices (mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop) and platforms (web, app) with any type of IAB-standard creative. Qualia’s proprietary Return on Intent Analytics Suite measures campaign success “beyond the click” – helping marketers understand how they have influenced a consumer’s journey toward purchase.

In market since 2011, Qualia is led by Kathy Leake, CEO (co-founder Media6Degrees/Dstillery) and Niels Meersschaert, CTO (founding Principal Architect of Magnetic) who are committed to defining the next generation of intent targeting. Qualia is headquartered in NYC and has offices in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Detroit and Atlanta.

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