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Paige Murrow Kimbal
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Paige Morrow Kimball began her production career in the unscripted television arena and later established herself in the scripted world, directing films for HBO’s iconic show, SESAME STREET. Her highly acclaimed social justice short film, PLAY DATE, won seven festival awards and is now a homelessness awareness arts-education program for middle schools. She directed a large budget comedy web-series, EXILED OUT EAST and wrote and directed an award-winning comedy short, ENDING UP, which was selected as ShortsHD’s Movie of the Week and distributed on ROKU’s ZPTV. Paige’s extensive directing and producing credits in unscripted TV, include: HBO’s PROJECT GREENLIGHT, ABC’s OPRAH WINFREY SHOW, FOX’s BOOT CAMP,  FXs NASCAR DRIVER and many more. Paige was a participant in the CBS Directors Program, The Sony Directors Program and the inaugural DGA Diverse Directors Mentorship Program. She holds a BFA from NYU Film School and she has written articles about gender parity in media that have been published in The Huffington Post and other publications. Paige’s feature screenplay, Late Bloomer (slated for production in 2019) reached the final round of consideration at the 2017 Sundance Screenwriters Lab and placed in the top 15% of the Nicholl Fellowship. As an actor, Paige has appeared in numerous films, television shows and commercials. She brings her acting experience to everything she directs and also to trying to act cool for her teenaged daughter’s friends.

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What do you love most about Your City?

I love the diversity, the beautiful beaches, the accessible hikes, the healthy food. AND THE WEATHER!!! (Yes, I’m screaming that). What I don’t like is the Homelessness crisis that has exploded here. I made a film about it, called “Play Date” ( and then created a companion Education Program for Middle Schools that we’re just about to launch. I’m all about using my films to spark positive change.

Favorite breakfast meal & restaurant?

Favorite Breakfast is an egg bowl with Quinoa and Spinach. Hot Sauce is key. Le Pain Quotidien makes a GREAT one!

What are you doing at:

6:00 AM – Writing.  I wake up at 5:15am every day to write for about 2 hours until I have to take my kids to school.  I love going outside to my garage/office when it’s still dark out. I love the quiet and having zero interruption. I’m working on a screenplay called “Late Bloomer”. It’s a 1970’s feminist coming-of-age story that I’m planning to shoot this summer. It’s delicious.

10:00 AM –My schedule varies every day, but I usually take my first meeting at 10am. Most often it’s Virtual but sometimes in person. I try to spread out my meetings so I don’t feel overwhelmed by too much running around and over-commitment. Right now, I’m directing a one-woman play called “One Date Love.”

12:00 PM – Favorite Power Lunch spot/meal?

I love going to Thyme Café on Ocean Park, Rustic Kitchen on Centinela and FOOD on Pico. I’m a Kale Salad girl.

7:00 PM – Eating dinner in my dining room with my family whenever possible!

11:00 PM – I’m sleeping. I prefer going to bed at 10pm if I can…I need a solid 7-8 hours!

What drink do you need to get through the day and at the end (and how many)?

I drink tons of Water throughout the day. In the morning I drink 2 cups of Black Tea (PG Tips) with milk and a spot of raw honey. I switch it up with Green Tea with Almond milk and on the weekends I start my day with 2 cups of Coffee. Moderation is the key! At night, I don’t really have a ritual. I do enjoy a glass of wine with dinner but reserve it for the weekends.

Most used App/Favorite Instagram Account?

My most used apps are my Camera (I love taking pictures that tell stories) and WAZE. Because traffic in LA sucks! I don’t have one fave Insta account… I LOVE perusing my feed to see what my friends and colleagues are up to. I still get excited when someone new follows me…So please do FOLLOW me!

What should everyone try at least once?

My husband and I took our kids on an RV Trip last summer. It was so much fun and something everyone should do at least once! I have Wanderlust and not having to pack up every time we moved was awesome! The best part was experiencing the vast State and National Parks:  the most un-fettered, beautiful parts of our country. It made me appreciate the US even more and realize that our protected Parks are one of America’s greatest resources.

Where do you enjoy getting lost?

In Europe. I’m a trailblazer and I avoid the beaten path at all costs. I love wandering through old cities and getting lost in history. I also like getting lost here in LA at the Korean spa. Being off the grid for a day, immersed in a different culture, revitalizes me!


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