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Pamela Hawkins
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Beauty / Cosmetics
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Founder, Organic Love Beauty

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The Organic Love journey began when I, Pamela, Crafter & Creator of Organic Love Beauty, had abandoned ALL beauty products that weren’t natural when I became pregnant with my oldest child. I didn’t want any unnatural fragrances or chemicals (especially while breastfeeding) on my skin. All I wanted was a simple, natural skincare regimen, no fuss, with straight forward ingredients. As the natural beauty revolution exploded, I began to make my own products. I gathered my favorite oils and butters and took notes. I created scrubs, oils and balms with as few ingredients as possible. With BIG goals to get rid of dry “mommy” hands and set a new standard for skincare within my family, all while using earth-sustaining practices, Organic Love Beauty was created. I also wanted to use this brand and platform to inspire people to love. I desire for this brand to be synonymous with love. I want this brand to help you feel beautiful on the outside but to trigger a need to unleash your inner beauty and to share it with the world. This is how I arrived at the name Organic Love Beauty.

AdMission Statement (AKA Personal Brand Pitch):

I am the Crafter and Creator of Organic Love Beauty. Organic Love Beauty is a skincare line that promotes healthy skin, wellness and relaxation using God given natural ingredients and encourages Love for Ourselves, Love for the Earth and Love for One Another. All of the Love I infuse into my business I infuse into my daily life.

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What do you do best?:

I encourage people! It is a gift. I have always been really good at convincing people that they could do anything, the sky was the limit. And I have always been that person that strangers talk to in the supermarket or at the gas station. These people tell me stories of death, divorce or about how great their grandchildren are. Once I realized people approach me for a reason, I don’t just listen to their stories anymore, I also encourage them in some way. Sometimes I look for strangers to encourage! I always keep in mind that there were times when I was not at my best and a smile from a stranger changed my day. Now with Organic Love Beauty I get to do this on a larger scale.

What are your aspirations? (Personal and Business):

I aspire to be the most loving and patient mother to my children. I aspire to be the wife my husband doesn’t want to live without. I aspire to be a loving inspiration to everyone I meet. I aspire to have a business bigger than my wildest dreams.

Biggest Success?:

My biggest success in business so far is being one of ten finalists in the NY Start Up! Business Plan Competition 2018. Writing my business plan was a big hurdle for me. I had a lot of fear and doubt in myself and what I could accomplish. I also didn’t feel like a business woman, I was stuck thinking of myself as ‘just a mom’. And I had actually entered the competition the year before and withdrew because of those mental roadblocks. So, when I completed the plan and then had an opportunity to pitch my business to a panel of judges, it was surreal. And although I didn’t win I felt so accomplished getting over those obstacles that I put in my own way. That was when I transformed into a business woman.


It’s just business, don’t take it personal. I learned this while looking for a job many years ago. You send your resume and go on interviews but you don’t get the job. You begin to feel rejected. However, when I realized I just may not have been the right fit for the company I was able to relax during interviews and shine. I apply this motto now in my business if someone doesn’t like my product they are not rejecting me. They just don’t like the product.

What Else To Know

My Goal of the Day:

Wake up with prayer and gratitude, go to bed with prayer and gratitude. Everything in the middle I deal with as it comes.

Tell Us More:

How did you get into the industry?

My start in the natural beauty industry was not a unique experience. Like most, Organic Love Beauty was born out of necessity. There was a need I had to fill for myself. When I became pregnant with my daughter I was adamant about not putting conventional products on my skin. This was in 2010 when information about the toxic chemicals in products was becoming common knowledge. It was difficult for me to find a variety of natural products with few ingredients. So, I started experimenting! And when I knew a product worked for me I gave it to friends and family. When I received positive feedback from them I knew it was time to start a business.

Inspiration for the business idea, and your vision for the Business?

My biggest inspiration for the brand has been and always will be Love. When I finally began to think about branding Organic Love Beauty, it was during the time when stories about police brutality were in the news every night and our country was fighting against itself. I felt really helpless and hopeless. I was more sensitive to the news since becoming a mother. I wanted to find a way to be a part of the solution. A solution that included love, peace, listening and respect. A solution that would make society better for my growing children. With all of my messaging my goal is to inspire love. When you use my products you are loving your skin and hopefully taking a moment to de-stress. I believe when you are committed to loving yourself it is easier to love the earth and others around you. Which leads to a more loving world. This is why the tagline is Love for Ourselves, Love for the Earth, Love for One Another. And the future of Organic Love Beauty will center around finding ways to help incorporate more love into your life. Including a more products, a wellness space and a spa.

Any emerging industry trends?

One trend that seems to be happening is as the natural industry grows there is greater need for separation and definition of industry terms. Customers are taking the time to determine what ‘natural’ means to each individual company because it’s such a vague term. There are still natural companies that use very complex scientific ingredients that some may not consider natural. However, the customers are gaining more knowledge and they are able to make more informed decisions about ingredients. So, it’s a matter of what natural means to you and finding companies fit within that view.

Any industry opportunities or challenges?

The natural beauty industry at this point has a very low barrier to entry. There are so many brands and they are actually good brands. These brands are making excellent products. It can be a challenge to get your customer’s attention. It can also be a challenge to remember to be your authentic self in your business. This is what allows you to stand out. Marketing with your personal touch and not doing what everyone else is doing. It is hard not to compare yourself to everyone else but it’s even harder to stand out from the crowd when you do. Authenticity is the challenge, meaning you have to challenge yourself every day to be authentic.

What do you love most about Your City?

I never take for granted that living in New York City I can be inspired by so many diverse faces. My favorite is when I am walking through the city with all the noise, hustle and bustle. Then I take one turn and I am on a beautiful quiet tree lined street surrounded by the amazing architecture of the old houses. You get to walk a little slower on these blocks and its nice.

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