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Phil Harrison
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Native AdVice
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Atlanta, GA, USA

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Architecture / Interior Design / Decorating
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President/CEO of Perkins+WIll
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Architecture and design firmÿ

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31-40 years of work experience

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As President and Chief Executive Officer, Phil is responsible for Perkins+Will’s strategic focus and business performance. He is directly involved with quality initiatives including design excellence, sustainability, research and technical delivery; he oversees firm growth, diversification and development; and he defines the firm’s business objectives for performance, collaborative operations and staff development.

In 1993 Phil joined the firm as an architect and has worked on an array of projects with Education, Science, Healthcare and Corporate clients. He has served in a variety of firm leadership roles, eventually becoming Chief Executive Officer in 2006.

Phil holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Arts and Philosophy from Harvard College and a Master of Architecture from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design, where he received the AIA School Medal. He is a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects and a LEED Accredited Professional.

Phil is passionately involved with a number of arts, design, professional, civic and educational institutions. He is a Board Member of the National Building Museum, the Museum of Design Atlanta and the Woodruff Arts Center; he serves on the Executive Committee for the AIA Large Firm Roundtable, is a Senior Fellow of the Design Futures Council, and a member of the Construction Industry Roundtable; he is a member of the Downtown Atlanta Rotary Club; and he is the Co-Chair of the Campaign for the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

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Ideas and Building that honor the broader goals of society.

One food and drink on earth, what would you choose?:

Pasta Pesto al Genovese and Nebbiolo.

What literature is on your bed stand?:

A book about Cicero.

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Most interesting headline read this week:

“Ebola now with airborne transmission” (of course, this was not true, but it got my attention!).

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