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Philip Henn
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Native AdVantage
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New York, NY, USA

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Real Estate
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Real estate agency.

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11-15 years of work experience

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As a native New Yorker, born and raised in Manhattan, Philip has a full knowledge of New York City and the very diverse real estate market that is unlike anywhere else! He knows that selling or finding a home is a full-time job that he embraces with honesty and professionalism every day. Philip believes that his success in the industry can be attributed to listening to his client’s needs and staying educated on a market that is always fast paced and ever changing. Philip knows that his success in this industry is due to his hard work and providing top notch service to all his clients for the past twelve years. Philip works closely with investors and developers in maximizing their returns and continuing to search diligently for new opportunities in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Philip has also set record sales for his sellers by pricing their properties correctly and handling all aspects of the sale from A to Z.

He also works tirelessly with his buyers in educating them and taking the time needed to show them all the great neighborhoods that Manhattan and Brooklyn offer to live in. Philip also works extensively with foreign buyers from China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia in advising on their investment properties here in NYC and Miami where he is also licensed. Philip also provides an array of industry insiders, attorneys and lenders for all of his clients. Philip believes the greatest reward in servicing his clients is always a personal referral. Philip had previously succeeded in the restaurant business in Manhattan for over 15 years prior to his real estate career. Philip currently lives in the booming neighborhood of Downtown Brooklyn and has close ties to Downtown Manhattan and the Lower East Side where he grew up. His passions include volunteer work, running, golf and world traveling. Philip is a huge NY Yankees and NY Giants fan as well. Together with his wife, Lauren, they volunteer time to various local charities here in NYC.

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I stay abreast of the ever changing real estate markets here in NYC and Miami. Everything from city, state, federal and even the banking industry effects what we do on a daily basis. We stay in tune with the NY and international stock markets, commodities markets and the international currency markets as well. I continue to always study all the new laws and changes that affect my markets that i work in.

What fascinates you?

World traveling has and always be my biggest passion. I also am working my way through my bucket list of international and remote golf courses all around the world as golf has always been my favorite activity!

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