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Robin Kencel
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Native AdVantage
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Greenwich, CT, USA

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Real Estate
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Real estate agency.

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31-40 years of work experience

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Career Snapshot:

With numerous industry distinctions and awards, and 30 years of experience in the real estate industry, Robin Kencel has ranked among the top 10 Greenwich realtors. She’s been the recipient of the Connecticut Cottages & Garden’s “Realtors You Should Know,” award, a four time Five Star Realtor award, and has ranked on the prestigious Wall Street Journal Realtrends Top Realtors Team list. Robin’s penchant for innovative and creative thinking, and the marketing knowledge she brings from the world of consumer packaged goods, has led to consistent record setting in sales of properties at all price levels.

Robin graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Georgetown University and has an MBA in Marketing and Finance from Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Business. She is the Chair of the Greenwich Historical Society’s Landmark Recognition Program. Robin holds six United States ballroom titles.

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What do you do best?:

Setting goals for myself and executing road maps to achieve them.

What makes you the best version of yourself?:

I wouldn’t say I am the “best”. That sounds self-obsessed and self-important.  What I would say is that I have had the success and achievements that I have had with a philosophy that hinges on an open and curious mind, an inner drive that thrives on seeing how far I can grow, an opportunity to learn from many gifted and talented people, and experiences that keep me in a continual state of growth. I like challenging myself to see how far I can go.

What are your aspirations? (Personal and Business):

Personal: That would be found in Matthew 22:34-40.

Business: That my reputation be one of high skill, leadership, integrity and character.

Ballroom Dance:  I am a competitive ballroom dancer with six national titles.  I am facing a total hip replacement on February 8th.  I have also changed dance partners and am fortunate to be working with someone who is the very best in the ballroom world.  I have high goals, once I am healed and return to the dance floor.

Biggest Success?:

That depends upon how you are measuring success. My biggest successes are the ones that took overcoming challenges that felt overwhelming, initially. I find breaking things down into manageable components, not looking too far down the road when the road seems impassable, and surrounding yourself with talented, kind and people with good energy and spirit all contribute to accomplishments.

Most Challenging Moment?:

In real estate, in the competitive dance world, raising children, sustaining a strong marriage… there are constant challenging moments.  It’s not about the challenge, it’s about how you embrace it.


Depends on the situation.

Favorite People/Role Models?:

My family and friends.

Favorite Places/Destinations?:

Rwanda, Italy, Nature.

Favorite Products/Objects?:

Soft, white tee shirts, books, Vital Image skin products

Current Passions?:

Ballroom dance, yoga, SLT, reading, walking my dog, spiritual meditation, unscheduled time

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