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RYAN KRUPA is a Co-Founder of MOSAIC. He is devoted to the pursuit of truth as a noble endeavor.  His calling is to awaken leadership potential in aspiring leaders. He specializes in creating and teaching leadership development courses for US Special Operations units.  He has studied and researched the domain of leadership development for twenty years. He has led development courses for eight years. Prior to MOSAIC, he served as a Captain in the US Marine Corps, a strategic account manager at the Center for Creative Leadership, and a consultant at Deloitte Consulting. He earned a Master of Science in Leadership from the University of San Diego, CA. Website:;

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How did you get into the industry?:

Very simple and mystical.  After 4 years in the US MARINE CORPS, when I transitioned to being a civilian, I heard the call “prepare yourself to develop leaders.”  I have no idea how I heard.  I have no idea why I listened.  I have no idea why I followed it.  But, I pursued the calling for 10 years, 2000-2010, by training and studying, not knowing if I could actualize the call.  In 2010, I launched MOSAIC and actualized the call by living a vocation to create and deliver leadership trainings to our nation’s finest warriors, leaders in US Special Operations Units.

Emerging industry trends?:

Because of the knowledge revolution and specialized skill, managers and leaders need to not only master their domain of expertise, they must also master the art of human development to inspire their teams, and they must develop strategic intelligence to deal with uncertainties to develop novelties and adapt to a constantly changing business environment.  These last two, human development and strategic intelligence, are the core focus of MOSAIC’S Leadership Development programs and how we best serve our clients.

Industry opportunities and challenges?:

The most challenging and the most interesting is that organizational structures are changing from “command and control” to “leadership and feedback.”  This means that the mechanical and structural dynamics of organizational design are changing from bolt-action mechanical setup to a literal complex adaptive organism.  This idea of business structures changing from an organization to an organism is most exciting.  This transition and transformation means that an enterprise can become self-correcting and adaptive and emergent and does not need to have everything mapped out on the front end. More like war, or irregular warfare, businesses can engage the environment and respond to what they are seeing.  This seems to me to breathe life into the enterprise. This seems to me to make the enterprise an extension of the creativity of the human being and less a constraint on the creativity of the human being.

Inspiration for the business idea, and your vision for the Business?:

The inspiration came from a deep drive to be inspiring, to teach leaders to be inspirational and to awaken and unleash human potential.  I loved the experience, of not only unlocking my potential, but, being with leaders as they unlocked their potential. I loved seeing the wisdom faculty awaken, the inner light of the leader, as it shown through during the trainings.  The desired future is to teach other leaders to teach aspiring leaders.  The goal is a cadre of leaders who are wise, true, good, and just.

What's next for the Business in the near future?:

The next phase is to run train-the-trainer programs to create a squadron of teachers who can meet the demands of our clients.  New services include leadership trainings that unite mixed-martial arts, yoga, meditation, dialogue and debate, knowledge, practices, and exercises.  New services also include mountain restorative and resiliency retreats.

Your key initiatives for the success of the Business? Greatest Accomplishment?:

For leadership development, the key initiative is to build relationships with organizational leaders.  This means, leaders who have authority and influence over discretionary budgets, resources, time and personnel.  Without these relationships, these programs do not get commissioned. We have also partnered with powerful firms who have the contracts and resources and relationships to provide top cover to deliver this work. We also have a business model based upon Taleb’s antifragility model, which means we have a barbell strategy and we lead the growth and exercise patience with the growth to ensure we do not overreach our capacities.  We are more like athletes, artists, and musicians than a typical business that sells a product.  We are the product and the service.  It’s on each teammate to contribute by their skill, expertise and leadership.

Your most difficult moment at the Business? (and what did you learn?):

It may seem simple in hindsight, but, taking the leap to launch the enterprise, to forego the power and strength of a major firm, and create my own firm, with my friends, was the most difficult moment.  “One begun, half done” is truth to me. The courage to launch, to leap into the unknown, and create something that only existed in a vision, was the most difficult moment.  Since leaping, I’ve not looked back and seem to be living a different reality.  A reality of metaphysical freedom.  I can say, before I leaped into the unknown, I was, in fact, suffering metaphysical bondage.  Only by the courage to act on what I knew to be true did I create metaphysical freedom.  That is what I searched for.  That is what drove me to create MOSAIC.  Everything since that moment is simply work.  And more work.  And more work.  But, the work is the freedom.

Ideal experience for a customer/client?:

The ideal client is someone young enough who has nothing to lose and everything to gain, by, training this way, growing this way, and leading this way.  The ideal client is someone who knows the status quo in their field is not working and has the vision and drive to change it, break it, or rewire it to meet the demands of the enterprise.  The ideal client is someone who actually loves human beings, who loves human potential, who loves seeing their teammates flourishing and thriving.

How do you motivate others?:

How do you inspire?  You must be inspiring.  How do you motivate?  You must know the motives, the driver hidden deep within each teammate.  You must know how to strike these motives, awaken them, and use them as fire and fuel to take the initiative and make a mission. You must have the courage to admit you don’t know. You must save yourself from two-fold ignorance–thinking you know that which you don’t know.  You must get to simple ignorance and pursue truth.  You must honor and respect the dignity of both friends and foes, teammates and adversaries.  You must learn to make the whole, the team, the enterprises stronger than the individual.  That glue, that bond, that power, is leadership gold.  Lastly be on guard against the lust for power and focus on the pursuit of truth.  Be bold, Be cool, Be noble, Be deep.

Career advice to those in your industry?:

Wherever you are is where the action is.  Whatever the goal, you are leading the goal.  The goal follows your lead.  It creates psychological strength.  The revenue, the clients, the success, the vision, it all follows you.  You do not follow it.  The only thing you follow is the truth.  And that truth, when it awakens, is you and it’s in you.  Anything external is perishable and fallible.  Expect the ride.  Expect the uncertainty. Expect not knowing,  It all follows you.  This is how you become an unmoved mover.

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