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Sébastien Larroudé
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Native AdVantage
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Mount Royal, QC, Canada

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Design - Other, Entrepreneurship, Television / Film
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Creative Agency

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Service Oriented Business
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11-15 years of work experience

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Sébastien Larroudé is a concept designer, Co Founder and CEO of Steambot. He was influenced by the various cultures largely responsible for his multiple creative passions, which range from architecture. He has been invited to speak at various events and workshops in North America and Europe. Sebastien come from South of France where he has studied Fine Art and Photography. He worked for several years in video games, films and commercial medias industry. He lives in Montreal, Canada where he founded STEAMBOT STUDIOS INC. in 2006, a Canadian creative agency specialized in developing ideas and providing Concept Art for Entertainment Industry with Joel Dos Reis Viegas and Nicolas Ferrand. Sébastien is actually co-creating and producing a new franchise and intellectual property named Urbance, directing by Joel Dos Reis Viegas.

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How will you become the best?

See previous question, we’re already the best ? Seriously though, we’ll remain the best by becoming unavoidable. The output of our production is of uttermost quality and our clients already know that and trust us in sustaining this edge we have. Furthermore, as a CEO, I understand that my job revolves mostly around sensing the changes in the circumstances. I trust our creative skills to sort of draw a link for our customers and fans between the freshness of our productions and our business strategy.

What fascinates you?

A lot of things. Nature continues to fascinate me. This is true since I was a child. Art of course, so much so that part of it became my job. I also play music as a hobby. To sum it up, I’d say that the complexity of life and life itself are fascinating me. I find so much depth in art and in nature that it keeps me going.

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