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Tamie Adaya
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Santa Monica, CA, USA

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Hotels / Hospitality
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Owner/Creative Director of Hotel Shangri-La
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31-40 years of work experience

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Tamie Adaya runs the urbane Hotel Shangri-La, owns and operates the Santa Monica based artist collective, Crown Jewels, while simultaneously updating her personal blog and writing for the Huffington Post. She is a student of pop-culture, art, history, politics, & more poignantly the world, is revitalizing the principles of what it means to be a Renaissance woman, hotelier, and mother in the 21st century. Tamie’s aptitude in regards to luxury and refinement is the underlying foundation that joins together opulence and simplicity; lavishness and minimalism. This is illustrated in every facet of her life and career from the crisp, clean lines of the Hotel Shangri-La to her union of art, fashion, and music that is Crown Jewels.

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How did you get into the industry?:

The Shangri-la has been under my aegis for nearly a decade, but curating dinner parties and being a host began in my adolescence. As long as I can remember I’ve always been excited by the alchemy and combustion that occurs when I bring together agent provocateurs, the eccentric and the deeply interesting. When I had to the opportunity to take over the Shangrila it was the most natural step in the world.

What's next for the Business in the near future?:

Hotel Shangri-la is a continuum. The secret is not to change anything, because in utopia, time stands still. Shangrila represents continuity in an ever-changing world.

Your key initiatives for the success of the Business? Greatest Accomplishment?:

As a matter of philosophy, I have never advertised the hotel and never will. People should find the Shangrila when they’re meant to. I invite our patrons to have a quixotic relationship with the hotel where they discover our utopia on their own terms.

The young-minded sophisticates of any age with whom the Shangrila resonates have always been able to find us and will continue to find us. It’s an act of trust, a silent communication within a tribe. Economic imperative prohibits most brands from connecting with their audience in such a subtle, principled and organic way. My conviction is based on my commitment to our values.

We communicate our values in everything we say and do and infuse our values into every facet of the guest experience. From the high thread count of our linens to the intimate atmosphere of our rooftop bar overlooking the ocean we ensure every interaction with our brand is exceedingly and unmistakably Shangrila.

Greatest successes:

Creating a culture of acceptance, intimacy and imagination within an atmosphere of formal informality where our guests feel both elevated and completely at ease.

The hotel has also given me chance to continue my work as an arts patron. Every year I sponsor emerging cutting edge talent as part of BritWeek founded by former British Consul-General in Los Angeles Bob Peirce. Among the talent I’m proud to have sponsored are Felicity Hayward, Kesh, Mich Dolce, Soki Mak, Scottee, Matthew Stone & Harriet Verney.

Ideal experience for a customer/client?:

A seamless blend of what the guest wants and what I want to share with them. I see the Shangrila as my home, and I want to engage people and for them to feel as if it is their home too.

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Importance of location:

Hotel Shangrila has an exceptional location overlooking the Pacific Ocean on the Santa Monica bluffs, arguably the best location in Santa Monica, but the greatest reason for our success is our unique culture. A culture, that I believe, is palpable when you walk through the door.

Qualities that make a 5 Star Hotelier:

Shangrila is a personality driven brand which means the hotel is an expression of my taste, aesthetic and philosophy. I care not just the overall guest experience, but calibrating every granular detail as well.

The Shangrila is an oasis in a world of corporate world, which is aided further by the superb staff I’ve managed to assemble. Some of the most enthusiastic feedback I get back about the hotel are for my formidable staff. I feel honored to work with them. The staff is central to the ambience and acceptance people feel when they enter into our sanctuary.


Hotel Shangrila held a 75th Diamond Jubilee anniversary book launch party at Sketch in London’s Mayfair serving champagne and the Tamietini, my signature passion fruit based cocktail. I’ll also be doing book signings using gold ink embossing powder at our LA book launch on the Shangrila rooftop next month.
The book is a historical document of the Grand Old Dame’s first 75 years in which I reveal many of the celebrated guests including Marilyn Monroe, Bill Clinton & Tom Cruise. As well as sharing some previously untold stories about the hotel.


Tamie Adaya: A well-versed traveler, Tamie has afforded herself knowledge of culture and community that most only dream of. From Hearst Castle to the Rock Wall of Parque Guell to the lush bay of Montenegro; West Coast to East Coast,

Tamie offers more than experience through her words, she offers lifestyle.

Tamie’s Tea Time, a monthly affair, brings together an array of attendees from cultural influencers to hotel guests.

Tamie’s 18th century inspired Salons, bring together prominent writers, artists, and fashionistas, for conversation and mutual enlightenment over dinner and drinks. Her quarterly ONYX parties, often celebrity co-hosted, showcase the latest in music, fashion, and art.

Tamie Adaya is quickly becoming the barometer of cool; her palate unprecedented and her words unmatched. Tamie Adaya’s influential experience in art, travel, and fashion pave the way from culture shock to culture architect.

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