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Yousef Saheb Javaher
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Native AdVantage
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Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Design - Other, Entrepreneurship, Music, Technology
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Produces premium speaker systems.

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Electronics, Lifestyle Design & Productivity
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1-5 years of work experience

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The young Inventor, designer and engineer, Yousef Saheb Javaher, has been exploring new dimensions in the sound system world with his SparkBlocks modular speaker system that combines taste with entertainment. The 21 year old Mechatronics student at the Simon Fraser University in Vancouver has an inherent passion for innovation and design and has pursued his passion as young as he remembers. Born in a family of engineers, Yousef has took numerous challenges to prove his mechanical and innovative skills in school and in university. In grade 12 he participated in the Vex Robotic Challenge in Vancouver BC. Yousef was the first SFU student who successfully built the first ever maze solving robot that could cross over the walls of the maze instead of solving it at SFU. He was also invited to speak at the 2015 grade 12 Math Award Winners event at Simon Fraser University as an inspiration for prospective engineering students and entrepreneurs. In grade 12 he began building all glass Boombox speakers that were unique both in design and in sound. When entering university in 2012 to pursue his passion academically, Yousef began to take his interests more professionally. He bought a laser cutter machine to expand and improve his unique Boombox’s that were becoming locally recognized by artists and music lovers. This led to Yousef establishing Spark Laser which is now a successful business in selling laser cutter machines. Yousef joined Zen Maker Lab in Vancouver to introduce the laser cutter machinery to the local market and to train individuals and businesses to use the device.

In 2014 Spark Laser grew even more when Yousef partnered with Ramtin Bidshahri and gave training and warranty services to Spark Laser customers. As an innovative engineer student, in 2014 Yousef came up with the design of Spark Blocks which is a modular speaker system with additive gadgets all shaped in cubic blocks that can be assembled with ease in infinite number of possible patterns. The main purpose and intend behind creating SparksBlocks was to create a speaker that functions as an ultimate house sound system, is portable and is customizable. What makes SparkBlocks unique is an indefinite possibility for creating a customized-unique sound system. After finishing the design, Yousef Partnered with Ramtin to introduce SparkBlocks to the world professionally and have worked nonstop to feature SparkBlocks on Kickstarter. The campaign was launched on July 8th , 2015 and in the first three days SparkBlocks was able to raise more then 20,000$ of funds.

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How will you stay the best?

I will become and stay the best by perusing my passion to create and invent. Continuing to learn and expanding my skills while staying humble because I believe arrogance is ones’ worst enemy.

What fascinates you?

I’m constantly fascinated with how nature has solved the most amazing problems. From how trees convert sunlight into energy to a geckos feet that utilizes van der waals forces to stick to any surface. Not only does nature carry the solutions to the problems we cannot solve but it also bears solutions to problems that we don’t even know they exist.

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