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Zidanelia Arcidiacono
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Food & Beverages / Culinary
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Pinot Noir Winemaker

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Born in Texas, Zidanelia and her family moved to Mendoza, Argentina when she was just three years old. Since winemaking is the main economic industry in that region, she grew up surrounded by winemakers and listening to their wonderful stories. The passion they expressed for their life’s work made a deep impression on her at a young age, and she decided that winemaking was her true calling.

Zidanelia – her friends often call her Z – began her career working in the lab at Bodega Cruz de Piedra while attending university in Mendoza. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in winemaking, she traveled to the south of France to the Cave cooperative Les Vignerons du Pays d’Enserune, working in the cellar for a harvest. Upon returning to Mendoza, however, she realized she wanted to keep traveling and her next destination should be California.

Zidanelia arrived in the US in 2007 and soon learned of Sonoma-Cutrer, where she applied for and was hired as an Enologist for that season’s harvest. She loved the experience and region so much that she decided to stay, moving on to the same position at Fetzer winery. There her skills, experience, passion and hard work helped her move quickly through the ranks, and she became the Winemaker for Fetzer Reserve Wines and Little Black Dress within a few years.

Returning to Sonoma-Cutrer in 2015, Zidanelia is happy to be back where her California adventure first began. Her experience working on reserve wines made her the perfect fit for the role of crafting Sonoma-Cutrer’s outstanding Pinot Noirs. Zidanelia says that she loves nurturing the wines throughout the process and, even more, seeing others enjoy the results of her work.

Zidanelia enjoys living in Sonoma County with her husband, Ariel and her son, Gianluca

What Else To Know

My Goal of the Day:

Make today count

My Thought of the Day:

Today it can be a great day, consider it this way – Joan Manuel Serrat

My Action of the Day:

Be grateful

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Tell Us More:

What do you love most about Your City? I never get bored of the views, or the incredible weather – it’s very nice and motivates me to be outside more often!

Favorite breakfast meal & restaurant? I always love my morning coffee prepared at home, and I recently have been enjoying a homemade chia bowl with coconut milk, dates, raspberries and dark chocolate. Restaurant… I love food so much, but some days I get cravings for sushi or Thai food and I can always rely on a delicious Mexican dish!

What are you doing at:

6:00 AM – Waking up for the day, putting my cozy robe on, and prepping my morning coffee. 

10:00 AM – I try to take a break from work and go for a walk through our Sonoma-Cutrer vineyards and winery with my walking buddies Cara (Sonoma-Cutrer Chardonnay Winemaker) and Mayra (Sonoma-Cutrer Production manager).

12:00 PM – Favorite Power Lunch spot/meal?

A delicious caprese salad in the summer when tomatoes are in season and a warm lentil or butternut squash soup during the colder months.

7:00 PM – 

I’m back home with my two boys; I’ll watch them play, eat a light dinner and connect to check my personal e-mail, Facebook and Instagram.

11:00 PM –

I’ll be in bed listening a pod cast or my favorite youtubers.

What drink do you need to get through the day and at the end (and how many)?

Coffee in the morning – 1 cup

Water though out the day – as much as I can!

Sonoma Cutrer Pinot Noir – to enjoy with my dinner – 1 glass

Herbal tea to relax before bed – 1 cup

Most used App/Favorite Instagram Account?

WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube.

What should everyone try at least once?

Hit the road and visit Sonoma Cutrer Vineyards in Sonoma County, and also you might want to take a ride in a hot air balloon to see the beauty of the Russian River Valley region from a new perspective!

Where do you enjoy getting lost?

I love getting lost in music anywhere with my headset!

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