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The Native Influence is a web based platform and tool that leverages thought leadership to help people grow personally and professionally. To achieve this, our website features targeted content from trusted industry leaders and also encourages career driven individuals to share their own perspective and voice. We are here for anyone that could use additional inspiration and progression in their life and career. The Native Influence is dedicated to keeping content meaningful. Unlike other channels, the platform is designed to foster personal and career growth through a framework of questions and tools that have been fine-tuned with the help of valued contributors, readers and advisers. Users can easily explore thoughts and views from thousands of hand selected contributors across various industries. Additionally, users can build their own unique profile to exercise creative expression and share insights. Features and functionality are continually being added and enhanced. Both free and paid features are available. You can start Learning, Sharing and Growing today by visiting our Premium Features page and selecting a package that works best for you.

TheNativeSociety website houses the original point in time content from Contributors up until December 31, 2018. The website now serves to highlight and summarize Contributor content with short, relevant snippets. We have since transitioned to The Native Influence website – our new and improved platform – for a deeper user experience. New content (or updates made to existing content) on The Native Influence platform may not fully be reflected on the Native Society website. The Native Influence provides additional features and functionality, including:

  • Real-time updates
  • Advanced searching & filtering of Contributor content
  • Quick insights via an advanced “filter by question” tool
  • NativeAdvert membership status


Your account dashboard contains the following details: • Order information (purchased orders) • Subscription Details (subscription status, ability to resubscribe) • Payment information (ability to delete or edit payment methods) • Account Information (name, email, password, head-shot) To access your account dashboard, click your profile thumbnail image, navigate to the “Profile” option and select “Memberships”:

To completely delete your account and profile information from our database, send an email to “” and include the phrase “Delete Account” in the header subject of the Email. Note that this will remove/delete the account and all information. This is irreversible.

When a subscription has been put on-hold, users can still edit and access their Profile and Account information, however the profile will not be visible to others and the user will not be able to access any premium features. A Reactivate button will then be displayed to allow the user to restart their subscription. While an account is on hold, the user will not be charged, but their payment information will be available and can easily be re-activated with the click of a button. To place your account “On Hold,” send an email to “” and include the phrase “Place Account on Hold” in the header subject of the Email.

To “cancel” an active subscription, send an email to and include the phrase “Cancel Subscription” in the header subject of the Email. The subscription must have at least one future payment as there is no need to cancel a subscription that will end before any future payment is processed. When a Cancellation request is processed, the account will immediately change to a status of “Pending Cancellation.” The account will officially be cancelled at the end of the current payment cycle and the next scheduled payment will not be processed. The end of the current payment cycle is noted in the “End Date” field of the Account Dashboard under “My Subscription.” While a subscription is in “Pending Cancellation” status, users can access and use their account as normal until the end of the payment cycle. For monthly subscribers, the cancellation will officially go into effect at the end of their next subscription cycle/terms which will be at the end of the month. For annual subscribers, the cancellation will go into effect at the end of their next subscription cycle/terms which will be at the end of the year.

Once a subscription has been cancelled or otherwise expires, users will have the option to resubcribe using the Resubscribe button that will be displayed in the user’s Account Dashboard: This button will allow the user to renew their subscription by re-entering their payment information: To “cancel” your subscription, send an email to “” and include the phrase “Cancel Subscription” in the header subject of the Email. The subscription must have at least one future payment as there is no need to cancel a subscription that will end before any future payment is processed.

Your User Name and Password for logging into your Native Influence account is determined at the time of registration by populating the following fields: User Names cannot be changed or edited. Your User Name will also be used for your Profile Link as follows: After completing the registration process, your User Name and Password will also be automatically emailed to you at the email address that you entered. If you do not receive an email within 5 minutes, check your SPAM folder. Once the registration process is complete, you will also be automatically logged intro your account. You can change your Password at any time through your Profile Settings. To do this, click your head-shot icon (on the upper right-hand corner of the screen) and select “Settings.” Enter your desired password and click “Update Settings.”

By default, all subscription packages include a 1-Month free trial, and then the payment information on file will be automatically charged. Payment information must be submitted at the start of the trial in order to create an account. The trial begins automatically once payment information is submitted. By default, payments are “re-occuring” and will be automatically processed at the end of each payment cycle/term. For monthly subscribers, payments will be withdrawn every 4 weeks after the subscription is initiated. For annual subscribers, payments will be withdrawn every 12 months after the subscription is initiated. Payment dates can be found in the Account Dashboard within the “My Subscription” section. To cancel your trial, send an email to “” any time during the trial period and include the phrase “Cancel Trial” in the header subject of the Email.


Upon signing up, Native Advert Membership applicants will have 30 Days to create their Native AdMission Statement, and populate the following information in their membership profile:

  • Primary Industry
  • Personal Career Headline
  • Career Snapshot

At the end of the 30-Day Admission period, if the membership profile has been completed appropriately, the membership fee will begin and you will be featured as a Native Advert member on the Contributors Page. If you are not featured on the Contributors Page, you will still have access to all other features and can edit and share your profile page.

The Native Admission Statement can be thought of as a 30-second elevator pitch for describing yourself to someone that has never met you. This statement is intended to be your personal brand pitch that highlights what makes you unique, such as character traits, experiences or accomplishments that make up your “brand.” If you had 30 seconds to summarize YOU, what is it that you would want the world to know? Your pitch is your chance to get someone’s attention and set the tone for how they view you and what you tell them. Admission statements can be built directly in your profile within the “My NativeAdvert” section. You have the option of making your statement public or private through your visibility settings: Once you have completed your Admission Statement, and all required fields (denoted by a red asterisk (*) in your profile), click the “Submit” button to notify us when your statement is ready for review. Your profile and all features will remain accessible during this time. Your profile will be reviewed during the 30-day admission period.

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