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For those interested in becoming a 

Go-Getter ("AdVert") Contributor, the process is outlined on this page.

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Those who have been approved or hand-picked by Natfluence as Go-Getters are referred to as "AdVert" Contributors and are featured on the Interviews page.



Interview pages are configured to enhance online visibility and internet presence.

Enhanced Online Branding & Visibility

Go-Getters differentiate themselves from the crowd by sharing meaningful insights and views.  Through their responses and photos, Go-Getters tell their story and highlight their unique achievements.

See Interview Page Example.



"...[T]he brand you build around yourself is perhaps the single most important way you can stand out...Your brand image is what you create to help build your business. Your personal brand centers around you as an individual."

Laura Lake,

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Getting Started

Submit Q&A Application

Flex your Go-Getter muscles by completing and submitting the Go-Getter Q&A Application

We will review your application, and if approved, we will email you to request a high-resolution headshot photo and provide you with a "Q&A Interview Questionnaire," which includes additional optional details for creating your interview page.



Build out your interview

Complete as much of the "Q&A Interview Questionnaire" as you like, but put thought and heart into your responses to get the most out of the process. More importantly, have fun and discover some new things about yourself.

Once finished, send the document back to us so that we can publish your interview and provide you with your interview page URL.



Share Your Interview

Be proud. You put a lot of effort into articulating who you are and illustrating what makes you unique. Share your voice and insights through as many channels as you can. Add your interview page to your email signature or post on social media. Get creative. Get it out there. Let the world learn from you.



"If you were asked to briefly sum up your...contributions and supporting causes, would you be able to do so...? Leaders often miss the mark when it comes to succinctly identifying who they are, what they stand for and how they help people and businesses grow. 

Historically, this question may have been reserved for interviewing processes, but today, more often than not, this ideal differentiates positions of influence, otherwise known as personal brands

Personal branding is the modern-day scorecard that measures a leader's core message delivery, their professional presence in person and online, and their application of foundational values both in and out of the office."

LaKisha Greenwade,

There are no costs associated with being a Contributor. As we further develop the platform, we may offer additional premium features and services.

Is there a cost to this?

Common Questions

Our mission is to build a community of entrepreneurs, innovators, leaders and changemakers that welcome the opportunity to share and strengthen their perspective and voice. Our application process is designed to attract Go-Getters that are motivated, driven and not afraid to step outside of their comfort zone.

Why do I need to "apply"?

Similar to LinkedIn and Facebook, our interview page allows you to communicate and express information about yourself via a personalized online space. However, here at Natfluence, pages are tailored and structured to provide meaningful insights and details. Interview pages are intended to highlight achievements, aspirations and goals that extend beyond basic facts and standard meet and greet questions.

What is an

Interview Page?

The AdMission Statement can be thought of as a 30-second elevator pitch for describing yourself to someone that has never met you. This statement is intended to be your personal brand pitch that highlights what makes you unique, such as character traits, experiences or accomplishments that make up your “brand.”  AdMission statements can be set to public or private, depending on your preference.

What is an AdMission Statement?

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