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This page outlines various offers, discounts, and deals provided directly by our Disruptor ("AdVice" & "AdVantage") Contributors.

The program is currently in Beta and is in the process of being piloted. Until further notice, the program is freely accessible and available to all website visitors.

Explore existing offers and deals from our generous Contributors.

Current Offers

  • One week trial or $20 off a one month MealPal plan.

By Mary Biggins

Founder & CEO, MealPal

By Jose Cayasso (Caya)

CEO & Co-Founder, Slidebean

By Lisa Tahir

Psychotherapist, Podcaster, Author, Artist, and Inventor

  • 10% off one-on-one personalized tutoring services from FoxBot.

By Jen Fox

Founder, FoxBot Industries

  • Free 30-minute consultation, assessment of your supply chain business, and valuation with Cambridge Capital.

By Benjamin Gordon

Managing Partner, Cambridge Capital

  • Free 12-month subscription to Labocine's database of over 2,000 science film titles from 200 countries.

By Alexis Gambis

Founder of LABOCINE

By Suze Yalof Schwartz

CEO/Founder, Unplug Meditation

By Dr. James Bailey

Founder, Lessons on Leadership

By Pauline Eveillard

CEO and Founder, SOUKRA

  • Will hold a 15-minute phone conversation with a selected Go-Getter on the topic of social entrepreneurship or related questions

By Rachel Goor

Founding Partner, Aligned4Good / Workrowd

For Go-Getters:

By Gail Green

Founder, Gail Green Interiors

By Peter Noble Darrow

Author & Motivational Speaker

  • Will hold a 15-minute phone conversation with a selected Go-Getter on the topic of  leading global teams, advancing sustainability, technology or related questions

By Marilyn Johnson

SDG Promoter | Chief Operations Officer, Brand VO2

For Go-Getters:


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