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Common Questions

Monthly dues are applicable for Native AdVert members. These are the costs associated with maintaining a membership with The Native Influence and keeping member profiles active. These dues allow us to provide continual improvement and enhancements to the platform.

What are monthly dues?

The Quick Insights tool aggregates and organizes Contributor content into the 20 most valuable questions/topics, and then provides convenient filtering options to view results by topic across all available responses.

How exactly does the Quick Insights Tool work?

Native AdVert applicants have 30 Days to create a "Native AdMission Statement," and address select parts of their membership profile. At the end of the Admission period, if the profile has been completed appropriately, you will be featured as a Native AdVert member on the Contributors Page and enjoy continued access.

What does it mean to "apply" for a membership?

Similar to LinkedIn and Facebook, a profile page allows you to communicate and express information about yourself via an online page with a URL that is unique to you. However, here at The Native Influence, profiles are tailored and structured to provide meaningful insights and details. Profiles are intended to highlight achievements, aspirations and goals that extend beyond basic facts and standard meet and greet questions.

What is a Dedicated Profile Page?

The Native AdMission Statement can be thought of as a 30-second elevator pitch for describing yourself to someone that has never met you. This statement is intended to be your personal brand pitch that highlights what makes you unique, such as character traits, experiences or accomplishments that make up your “brand.”  AdMission statements are built directly in your profile and can be set to public or private, depending on your settings.

What is a Native AdMission Statement?

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