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Heather Aspinall
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Manchester, Manchester, UK

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Television / Film
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1-5 years of work experience

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Heather Aspinall has worked in various roles on multiple film projects. She has worked for several media companies including AVP Studios and Shoot it Yourself which was featured on the television series Dragons Den. Heather has a passion for the fantasy genre and all things filmmaking. She enjoys employing new techniques and trying out creative ideas and unusual approaches. She is currently studying at the University of York completing a masters degree in Postproduction with Visual Effects. Her knowledge of the fantasy genre, range of experience and willingness to explore new filmmaking techniques is invaluable to create a cohesive, interesting and dynamic film.

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I have grown up greatly enjoying fantasy films such as ‘The Never-ending Story’ or the ‘Harry Potter Franchise’ I believe there is a huge benefit to young individuals in how they widen imagination and broaden self-believe. Fantasy film and movies in general often carry that message that ‘anything is possible’ and I believe this message needs to be promoted more to young adults, especially at a time when the economic situation makes it more difficult to pursue dream careers. After being offered the YMOS scholarship at the University of York my aim is to promote a similar message ‘anything is possible’ especially in how learning encourages young people to believe that they have the capability to complete any task, whether it be improving media skills, following their dream or overcoming their disability.”

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People fascinate me!

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