How to Be a Successful Entrepreneur in 2019 When You’re Busy Starting a Business

In the throes of starting your own business? Or, maybe you are thinking about it, but feel you are too busy to be a successful entrepreneur? You’re not alone in your aspiration to be your own boss. In fact, one 2018 study from VistaPrint found that over 60 percent of Americans want to start their own business!Launching a new business can be scary, chaotic, and all-consuming. If you feel like the hectic go-go-go of entrepreneurship is keeping you from being as productive as you would like, don’t fret. Instead, practice these five (5) proven productivity habits of super successful entrepreneurs: 1. Break Down Tasks & Embrace Small Wins “The most important motivator is to break tasks down so that one…...

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How to Create a Killer Personal Brand in 2019: 8 Effective Tips

Whether you realize it or not, "brands" have been a large part of your life. Perhaps you pined after the latest Nike hightops as a child or your stomach still grumbles when you pass the iconic golden arches. Part of the success of these companies has been due to clear messaging (e.g., branding) that makes them instantly recognizable. Customers associate certain words, feelings, and images with these brands. And, that kind of universal recognition translates into power, influence, and opportunities. Why a Personal Brand Matters When it comes to standing out from the crowd and defining your special "brand," the same principles that apply to large corporations also apply to individuals. According to writer and marketing professional Laura Lake, personal…...

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How Artificial Intelligence Can Help You Get Into College

The College Process is Similar to Starting a Business Much like starting a business, getting into the school of your choice requires a plan which extends beyond good grades. A successful college strategy includes how well you utilize resources. Resources include people, tools, information, Technology, and much more. Entrepreneurs know that it can be a struggle to compete with larger companies with more resources. This situation requires that the entrepreneur think and operate creatively, which is beneficial. The ability to leverage existing resources more effectively (and in new and imaginative ways) can provide an advantage. Technology: the Resource that you need to be using  What is an accessible resource that students can be leveraging Right Now? If you guessed Technology,…...

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