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How We Do it

By featuring targeted content (thought leadership) from trusted leaders and experts.

By providing a platform for driven individuals to share and strengthen their perspective and voice. 

What We Do

Foster personal and professional growth, innovation and entrepreneurship. 

Assist in defining and promoting personal brands.




Our goal is to support and promote personal and professional growth, innovation and entrepreneurship.


Our goal is to inspire, encourage and enlighten our community.

Learn meaningful, relevant, and career focused insights from industry experts, leaders, entrepreneurs and influencers.



Get the opportunity to grow yourself and help others grow.

Build and refine a personal brand.

Promote creative expression and share unique insights, perspectives, and knowledge with others.




Want a little more flexibility and convenience? Our subscribers get additional search and filtering capabilities with a TNI Intrigue Subscription. Instantly get targeted insights by comparing thousands of expert responses for specific questions.

*Premium Feature.


Anyone interested in meaningful career insights, personal growth tips, and quality thought leadership can explore the complete database of contributor content at any time by visiting the website. All contributor profiles are freely accessible.

There is No Cost to Readers/Visitors.

The Native Influence Community


Top industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and changemakers.  Contributors are invited to share content based on their ability to drive change and positively influence the community in a manner that is consistent with our mission.  Our hand selected contributors are known as Native AdVice and Native AdVantage Contributors. 

There is No Cost to Contributors.


Motivated and career-focused go-getters that understand the value of building, defining and sharing their personal brand. Our Members use their dedicated page to tell their story and highlight their unique achievements and views. We support our members in gaining the visibility they deserve. Members get all premium features. 

*Membership dues apply.

Continual learning, growing and sharing is critical for getting ahead and staying ahead in today’s fast-paced and interconnected world.

With the help of thousands of Contributors, readers and advisers, we have developed a precise format and approach for ensuring that our content is insightful and tailored to the interests of our target audience.

Contributor content is focused on leadership, career insights and personal growth. 

Content is Meaningful and Relevant

Native AdVice and Native AdVantage Contributors are invited or approved based on their ability to drive change and positively influence the community in a manner that is consistent with our mission. 

Contributors are industry leaders, entrepreneurs, changemakers and influencers over a vast number of industries and professions.

Thousands of Hand Selected Experts & Leaders

Contributors have the ability to access and directly update their content at any time, anywhere.

Content is Updateable

Our platform offers a variety of tools for finding, accessing and comparing specific details and information across Contributors.

Features for Searching, Filtering and Comparing 

A Few Things That Make Us Unique





Our platform is designed to attract Members that are motivated, career-focused and interested in making a difference.

Members are Driven and Goal Oriented


Members are able to engage with Contributors in a meaningful way. We facilitate communications in a manner that is focused and easy for all parties.

Communications are thoughtfully designed


Explore Thought Leadership content from thousands of hand selected contributors.

Tell your own story with a dedicated profile page. Enhance your personal brand, grow yourself and share insights. 

Membership Features

Instantly get targeted insights by accessing and comparing thousands of expert responses for specific questions.

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Members can receive various benefits from Native Influence Contributors, such as Recognition, Personalized Interactions and Discounts & Perks. Learn More.

Quick Insights Tool 

Membership Perks Program (NEW!)

Once accepted, Members are featured alongside our esteemed Experts, Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Influencers on the Contributors' page.

Featured Contributor Status

Get extensive exposure by publishing premium thought leadership articles and informational pieces on the our dedicated publishing platform. 

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Access to Publishing Platform (NEW!)

Differentiate yourself from the crowd by sharing meaningful insights and crafting impressive responses to brand enhancing questions.  Tell Your Story.

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Dedicated Profile Page

Members can be featured and recognized in The Native Influence Newsletter which is distributed to our mailing list of contributors, readers and supporters. 

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Recognition in Newsletters

Find Contributors faster and more effectively with additional search fields and options.

Advanced Searching & Filtering

Configure your Profile to appear in search results, and enhance your visibility and internet presence with SEO Optimized pages and advanced settings.

Enhanced Online Branding & Visibility

"Thought leaders are the informed opinion leaders and the go-to people in their field of expertise. They are trusted sources who move and inspire people with innovative ideas; turn ideas into reality, and know and show how to replicate their success"

Denise Brosseau, Thought Leadership Lab

We provide a variety of methods and tools for searching and filtering content. Additional advanced features are available to Subscribers & Members.

Provide Terrific Tools for Exploring Content.

(Free and Paid)

We identify authoritative and credible experts, leaders, entrepreneurs and influencers, known as Native AdVice & Native AdVantage Contributors.

Find Talented Leaders

We ensure that content (AKA "thought leadership") from Contributors is designed to foster personal and career growth by using a specific framework of questions and tools.

Feature Meaningful Content & Insights From Talented Leaders.

Step 2.

Step 3.

Our Approach

Step 1.

We offer the opportunity to become a special type of contributor known as a Native AdVert Contributor (Member). Pending an application process. Learn More.

Offer a select Membership  for those interested in further defining and sharing their personal brand. 

(Premium Feature)

Step 4.

View Our Slideshare Presentation to Learn More.

Learn from the Best. Be Your Best.

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