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Amanda Abella
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Native AdVantage
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Miami, FL, USA

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Coaching / Training, Health, Wellness and Fitness
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Online business coach.

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6-10 years of work experience

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Amanda Abella is an online business coach, speaker and author of the Amazon bestselling book “Make Money Your Honey: A Spirited Entrepreneur’s Guide to Having a Love Affair with Work and Money.” She is committed to helping millennials (and anyone who wants to join us) have a better relationship with work and money by means of entrepreneurship, online marketing and abundance mindset.

Her work has been featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post, Seventeen and Business Insider among other top publications. She has also spoken at a national level for The Financial Blogger Conference, Femfessionals, American Student Assistance and more. Lastly she is a regular contributor for popular blogs like Money Under 30, Care2, Wisdom Times and several others.

When she’s not making money her honey you can find Amanda drinking tea, collecting gemstones, going for a run or looking for something new to learn. Amanda Abella is the creator of the Make Money Your Honey Coaching process, business coach to millennial entrepreneurs, and the author of the Amazon bestselling book Make Money Your Honey.

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How will you become the best?

By focusing on one thing at a time. A challenge for me has been having my hand in too many pots. On the one hand, this helped me build a foundation for multiple streams of income. On the other, I was distracted for a long time which led to lackluster results. By focusing on doing one thing at a time, doing it well and then moving on to the next project I will continue on my journey to becoming the best.

What fascinates you?

Philosophy and psychology. Can’t get enough of the stuff!

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