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Amy Jordan
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Health, Wellness and Fitness
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Creator & CEO, WundaBar Pilates

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A Pilates visionary, entrepreneur, inventor, and above all a proud mother of two, Amy Jordan’s guiding belief when it comes to wellness:  “You are perfect wherever you are today, and my goal is to empower you to have the best experience in your own skin!” That is precisely what happened when Amy began practicing Pilates in 2006 as she journeyed through a difficult time in her own life. Her workout soon became her passion, and she left her career as an Entertainment Marketing Executive to open her first high-energy Pilates studio in 2008.

Fueled by her continued study of traditional Pilates and the desire to share wellness through movement far and wide, inspiration struck again in 2010, as she sketched the now-patented WundaFormer, and envisioned WundaBar Pilates. In 2017, Amy translated the in-studio experience on the WundaFormer to a repertoire that can be done on the mat, extending the reach and benefits of the WundaBar Pilates Method beyond the studio walls.

Amy inspires the WundaBar team with her tireless commitment and passion for movement and for sharing that movement with Educators and clients alike.  When she’s not dreaming up new ways to Wunda, Amy revels in mothering her two wonderful kiddos — the Original WundaBaby and WundaBaby Part Deux!

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My Goal of the Day: Improving people’s experience in their own skin!

My Thought of the Day: The most evil trick about perfectionism, though, is that it disguises itself as a virtue

My Action of the Day: Move your body every day – bonus points if you have fun doing it!

My Tip of the Day: To stand taller, lighter and relieve tightness in your low back, stand with weight equally on feet, and draw your navel up and in at a diagonal while melting your tailbone down to the floor. Bingo!

What do you love most about Your City? The sunshine and sea.

Favorite breakfast meal & restaurant? Every day starts with a WundaShake! My own creation with greens, whole fruits, vegan protein and homemade almond milk! If I am out for breakfast I often head to Le Pain Quitoidien or Cecconi’s in West Hollywood for brunch.


What are you doing at:

6:00 AM – hopefully sleeping unless my kids woke me early! We start getting ready for school around 7am which is always a vibrant way to start the day.

10:00 AM – at WundaBar Pilates taking or teaching class!

12:00 PM – Favorite Lunch spot/meal? I love sushi, and LA has too many amazing sushi places to list. A few of my faves include Sugarfish, Kiwami and Iroha.

7:00 PM – Snuggling with my little ones to read a book before they’re off to bed. Current fave is “P is for Pterodactyl: The Worst Alphabet Book Ever.”

11:00 PM – Finishing a warm bath and often applying essential oils. Lately I’ve been exploring meditations with crystals too!


What drink do you need to get through the day and at the end (and how many)? Water water water. I’ll never refuse a glass of champagne though!

Most used App/Favorite Instagram Account? Most used app is definitely text. I love positive and beautiful insta accounts and favor those led by strong women like TheHomeEdit, BrookeLightstone, Iamwellandgood, KatieDeanJewelry…

What should everyone try at least once? PILATES

Where do you enjoy getting lost? Any beach or beautiful foreign city. I visit NYC often for work and intentionally “lose” my way every time to explore new streets and shops.

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