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Chase Willman
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Fitness Instructor & Lululemon Ambassador

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Chase Willman is a Cape Cod native, Chase brings her contagious energy and positive attitude to everything that she does in the Big Apple. As a former ballet dancer and performer, Chase will have you laughing, sweating, and working your hardest through every workout together. She currently teaches FlyBarre classes at Flywheel Sports in New York City. She fell in love with the barre right away as it felt very familiar to all her years of ballet training. She loves sharing with her clients her favorite way to workout, bringing her high energy, pump up playlists, and special attention to each client in the group setting.

Chase has developed her own teaching style where she brings her genuine personality and artistic creativity to every class, no matter the time of day! After seeing results quickly from barre on her own body, Chase has no problem inspiring and motivating hundreds of clients per week to pulse, sculpt and tone! If you are a professional athlete or it’s your first day working out, you’ll be captivated by Chase’s energy as she takes you under her wing and keeps you coming back to the barre for more. She is also a fitness model signed with STATE Management in New York City & is a Lululemon Ambassador.

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New York City – the city that never sleeps, “the big apple” a place I dreamed of living in for as long as I can remember. I love the constant energy that lives amongst the streets and neighborhoods, the different types of people and lifestyles that inspire me each day. What is pretty unreal is experiencing how small a big city like New York can feel once you create and dive into your own community. I usually always bump into somebody I know in my daily travels/commute!

Favorite breakfast meal & restaurant?

I love a good eggs benedict with a side of homefries. I’m not too picky on the restaurant but I have found some favorites in Astoria and on the Upper East Side that never disappoint for a weekend brunch! During the week, I usually eat a bacon, egg and avocado on a toasted bagel or my favorite almond butter smoothie from Pure Green.

What are you doing at:

6:00 AM – My microphone is on, music is bumping & class has just begun at Flywheel Sports! 6AM is the start time of most of my flybarre classes that I teach each week. My alarm is set for 4:50AM, I slick my hair back in a high ponytail, put on my favorite lululemon leggings, and run out the door to catch my uber. On the way to class, I listen to my playlist that I have created for that class to get myself in the zone and make sure I am wide awake and ready to rock! I have learned that my energy impacts my client’s energy and the way I come into the studio can totally affect the overall energy and vibe of the class.

10:00 AM – Depending on the day, I may still be teaching flybarre classes or just finishing up. I always grab my iced coffee AFTER teaching, sometimes solo but usually with a client or two post-class. If my teaching schedule is lighter for that day, I may have a private personal training session scheduled for a client or I may jump into a class myself while I have the rush of energy and endorphins from my morning still kickin! (or maybe it’s the coffee!) Taking other instructor’s classes always inspires me and I always leave learning something.

12:00 PM – Favorite Lunch spot/meal?

My favorite lunch spot has always been Sweetgreen. (The Harvest Bowl & the Chicken and Brussels salad are my favs!) Sometimes since my days start so early, I beat that crazy lunch-time line since I am ready to eat when Sweetgreen is opening it’s doors. 😉 In the afternoons, I spend my days working on my own personal brand/instagram account, connecting with other people in the industry, answering e-mails, or running around the city attending casting calls through my modeling agency. Some days I help out my favorite families in the city with afterschool pick ups and babysit some of the most brilliant kids who feel like my own younger siblings till the evening. My days are never the same, which makes each week here in NYC never dull. I really love the days when I am due for a fresh manicure and pedicure! That’s one of my favorite things to do when I have downtime.

7:00 PM –  Most likely finishing up my day and heading home to get settled for the night and to begin prepping my classes/music for the next day. I like to get things organized early so I can spend time relaxing watching hockey or football on tv.

11:00 PM – Tucked into bed & hopefully asleep! The morning alarm comes quick!

What drink do you need to get through the day and at the end (and how many)?

After teaching my morning classes, I can’t wait for my iced coffee. I don’t drink coffee before teaching only because I don’t like feeling shakey. Before and after classes, I drink plenty of water and if my voice is getting raspy from teaching a lot, I have some hot tea with honey. I don’t usually have more than two cups of coffee a day but I do drink plenty of water!

Most used App/Favorite Instagram Account?

My most used app is probably Instagram & Uber. I have a lot of favorite instagram accounts who inspire me through their posts and a lot of them are other people in my own industry. When everyone is so busy with their daily schedules it’s fun to follow people’s stories and see what their up to in this non stop city. Some of my favorite accounts to follow are: @thetalenthack, @maddztaddz, @meganroup, @ashleychmelka, @katia_dancebody

What should everyone try at least once?

My flybarre class! 😉 or a CHIP chocolate chip cookie straight out of the oven! Those cookies are to die for.

Where do you enjoy getting lost?

I love getting lost in the city. Walking through unfamiliar neighborhoods and streets I have never been on and exploring can be relaxing. I also love getting lost in Bloomingdales for a mid-day browse!


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