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Dan Laufer
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Menlo Park, CA, USA

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Apartment Finder Service & Source of Expert Apartment Reviews.

11-15 years of work experience

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Dan Laufer is Founder and CEO of RentLingo, the biggest source of expert apartment reviews.  Laufer is a Stanford MBA graduate and was a 2013 SXSW Interactive Awards Finalist, winner of the 2013 SXSW MBA Startup Competition, winner of North Bridge Ventures Stanford-wide $100K seed competition, and winner of the VentureBeat DEMOgod 2012 award. (Source: AngelList)

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Create as much transparency for renters as possible

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Oh, that’s tough. Is it cheating if I say my wife’s cooking and a cold beer?

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My Dad is writing a book on our family history and I’ve been reading it as he’s going along. Beyond the appreciation of getting to know my family roots better, it’s also helped give me perspective that my problems aren’t that serious. The challenges my grandfather faced at my age as a Jewish Hungarian citizen dwarfs anything I worry about.

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