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Dave Milliken
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Native AdVantage
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Denver, CO, USA

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Entrepreneurship, Technology
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Greetly is a digital receptionist startup.

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16-20 years of work experience

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Dave Milliken grows brands. His track record is consistent across startups, Inc. 500 and Fortune 500 companies, and across industries.

Dave is currently Founder and CEO of fast-growing digital receptionist startup Greetly. Previously he was VP of Marketing for Smashburger, named America’s most promising brand by Forbes. Prior to that Dave held marketing and strategy leadership positions for MillerCoors, LVMH, The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company and IBM.

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How will you stay the best?

Continuing to listen. When you work on a product – whether my own startup, Greetly, or a very established product like Coors Light – you adopt core beliefs and assumptions. Staying great requires maintaining the open-mind you have when you go into a project. That allows you to uncover entirely new ideas. The next big idea and wave of inspiration will stem from open-mindedness.

What fascinates you?

The potential to improve people’s lives.

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