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Mitch Berk
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Native AdVice
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Chicago, IL, USA

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CEO of Selective Search
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Luxury matchmaking firm

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Service Oriented Business
31-40 years of work experience

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Mitch Berk is a successful business owner/operator whose entrepreneurial style combines creative vision with superb sales and management skills.  Mitch is a charismatic and highly motivated individual whose passion and energy are contagious.  He is a team builder who maximizes the potential of employees and managers at every level.  Financially, Mitch is a bottom line executive who instinctively knows how to find efficiencies, leverage value opportunities, and deliver budgeted margins and profit goals.  Mitch believes that success is a result of properly identifying the strategic opportunity, creating a plan to support the initiative, and managing its flawless execution.

Since graduating from the University of Missouri, School of Journalism. In 1978, Mitch has been operating through three leading platforms, the Jovan Fragrance Company, Entertainment Marketing, Inc. (EMI), the Company he founded in 1985, and Selective Search LLC.  Through those platforms, Mitch has been a leader in reaching consumers via innovative means in a number of different and varied product/service categories including:  beer, liquor, financial services, telecommunications, fashion, retail, sports, entertainment, QSR, and currently Executive Matchmaking Services.

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One food and drink on earth, what would you choose?:

Tacos and Tequila (preferably Anejo)

What literature is on your bed stand?:

Devil in the White City – Erik Larson

Lords of Finance – Liaquat Ahamed

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