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Marta Michaud
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Native AdVert
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New York

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Apparel & Fashion, Coaching / Training, Entertainment - Other, Luxury Goods & Jewelry, Performing Arts, Retail, Television / Film
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all around curator of sparkle ~ starmaker!

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Lifestyle Design & Productivity, Online Platform / Web-based Business
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Artist, Serial Entrepreneur
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31-40 years of work experience

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click- click – click

that was my camera ; )

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Generating the holiday spirit with a little incentive:

🔥20% off EVERYTHING 🔥

SeasontoSparkle sale@

Glamour Jewelry, Statement & Estate Jewelry, Bling, Designer & Runway Jewelry, Curated Vintage & Cinematic Style by marta michaud – curated vintage jewelry & fashion by marta michaud

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My Thought of the Day:

Enjoyed the Carlos Santana posting I read today & recalled my client Virginia dancing for hours in 100+ degree heat (after being booked as one of many just extras in his video), because she loved his music, appreciated the opportunity & decided to shine while others grumbled and many just left. I called Virginia to check on her:  I asked if she had enough water etc, and if she was okay. She said it was tough but exhilarating! Not a complaint!  I told her to turn it on & have fun🔥 yep, she ended up being one of the stars in his greatest music video and the song topped the charts all summer 💫 be a 🌟 show your shine 🔥 when opportunity knocks, there will always be obstacles, this is when winners …just dance! 💃 while others, go home 🙌🏻 Virginia Chose to be the hottest thing of the season that hottest day of the summer in Harlem!🔥💃🔥💃💃🔥💃

My Action of the Day:

My actions this Friday are keeping up with holiday sales while still adding new & exciting things each day. I photograph, style & market each piece and really enjoy this whole process. I also am trying to make sure that Margarita in Sydney gets her sweetheart bracelet that has stalled in the usps tracking system, as she is very excited to get it…wish me luck 🍀

My Deed of the Day:

making tea with wildflower honey & cinnamon toast for a friend & sent another flashback Friday picks of a day we had a great time to make her smile. And another friend a photo to thank him for his recovery, because he means a lot to me.  Sometimes we forget to tell those we love that we do 💖

My Tip of the Day:

An old fashioned steaming of ones face is not only good for your complexion to clean ones pores; this time year as the heat turns on and things get super dry it will also help to keep your sinuses from getting so dry and painfully stuffy. I like to add a little mint, lemon, orange or eucalyptus. You can heat water in a kettle and pour it into a bowl old fashion style with a towel over your head or buy an inexpensive steamer for yourself for the holidays 🎀

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