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Marta Michaud
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Native AdVert
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New York

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Apparel & Fashion, Coaching / Training, Entertainment - Other, Luxury Goods & Jewelry, Performing Arts, Retail, Television / Film
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all around curator of sparkle ~ starmaker!

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Lifestyle Design & Productivity, Online Platform / Web-based Business
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Artist, Serial Entrepreneur
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31-40 years of work experience

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click- click – click

that was my camera ; )

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My Goal of the Day:


Adding swimwear @ www.mysoulrepair.NYC

Yes, A Swimsuit for every Occasion!

Always keep working towards my passions and dreams while at the same time remaining free to creativity, new ideas & adventures or even whims 🐰




My passion project:

mysoulrepair @ Etsy – my New York chic market place : contact me if interested in becoming a seller.

My Thought of the Day:

I really enjoy the nuances of people and nothing thrills me more than the uniqueness of a true individual and someone who has bothered to explore the things that interest them.

My Action of the Day:

Yes, A Swimsuit for every Occasion!


Connecting the dots … making dreams real 🦹‍♀️

promoting my blog article that came out today : ) actually… editing and choosing photos for my new one about A.I. Today : ) out soon ✨

Swimming in Social Media to Increase Online Sales

My Deed of the Day:

care about that person I know needs someone to care & playing with my rescue bunny 🐰and I promised to cut her toe nails 😜


My Tip of the Day:
  1. Make time to spend with a friend & have a confidant in life. Be open.  Otherwise, no one outside of your immediate world really knows more than a perception of you. Be more than the noise around you, take time to sparkle✨

    Then come shopping @ 😋

    Or for new designer marketplace:


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