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Niyia Mack
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Television / Film
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Line Producer & Theater Consultant

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Niyia Mack is a Line Producer and Consultant with experience in traditional theatre, interactive brand activations, and experiential productions. Notable clients over the last 15+ years: TheaterMogul (Silence! The Musical), Pasadena Playhouse (State Theatre of California), SunnySpot Productions (Carrie: The Killer Musical Experience), Goldstar Events, The Players Theatre (NYC), and Haunted Play’s Delusion (His Crimson Queen & The Blue Blade). Currently, she’s in the process of completing an arts advocacy fellowship through Arts for LA and her latest project, Safehouse ’82, is set to premiere this November. League of Experiential and Immersive Artists (LEIA) Founding Board Member since 2018.

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What are your aspirations? (Personal and Business):

Most of my personal and business aspirations are similar; create a strong network of like-minded creatives, make decisions daily that will have a positive impact, and to reach for MORE than what’s expected.

Biggest Success?:

For me, it’s the fact that I’ve created a name for myself in an industry that is on the cutting edge of the art world. To know that I can show up to spaces and engage with industry professionals that inspire me and feel that same energy in return is special. I’ll never take it for granted.

Most Challenging Moment?:

This is a great question. I think anytime I’ve made a choice to relocate to a new city has been at the top of my most challenging moments. There are so many variables, plus the added stress of just being in a new environment, it can really take a toll on you if you’re not paying attention.


What’s for you is for you. Simple as that.

Favorite People/Role Models?:

My mom, Nikki Giovanni, Bozoma St. John, Amanda Seales, Eartha Kitt, Angela Davis.

What Else To Know

My Goal of the Day:

Stay focused!

My Thought of the Day:

Invest in yourself.

My Action of the Day:

Take breaks as needed.

My Deed of the Day:

Be of service.

My Tip of the Day:

Remember there will never be another day like this one.

My Pic of the Day:
Tell Us More:

My Pic of the Day: This pic feels like a reminder to keep shining. To be a Goddess in a City of Angels… what more could you want? Plus I love the position of the pedestrian that looks like she’s one of the letters!

A Day in My Life:

What do you love most about Your City?

Los Angeles? Hmm. The vastness. It’s exciting how much you can see and not even leave the state.

Favorite breakfast meal & restaurant?

I love the Huevos Rancheros @ Kitchen Mouse in Highland Park. Yum.

What are you doing at:

*All depending on my workload:

6:00 AM – Sleeping or drinking tea / listening to a podcast, tv, music

10:00 AM – Checking emails / in a meeting / on a project

12:00 PM – Favorite Lunch spot/meal?

I’m a fan of Home in Los Feliz. Great service and atmosphere too.

7:00 PM –  Heading home or to an event / prepping for the next day

11:00 PM – Netflixing, drinking tea, nesting (and likely checking emails too)

What drink do you need to get through the day and at the end (and how many)?

English Breakfast Tea with honey (anywhere from 1-4 cups a day)

Most used App/Favorite Instagram Account?

Most used App: Google Calendar

Favorite IG: @Nathanpylestrangeplanet or @afropunk

What should everyone try at least once?

Going on a trip alone.

Where do you enjoy getting lost?

Literally anywhere. That’s one of my favorite feelings, fun fact. If I have to pick a favorite place, the desert.

My Native AdVice:

How did you get into the industry?

The better part of my career was spent as an actress by the time I moved to NYC in 2008. My interest in learning more about the business had grown to the point that I wanted to understand more about other parts of the industry, specifically marketing. So I reached out to people in my acting class to see if there were any connections to a theatre or marketing company looking for an intern. I found a small theatre company in Greenwich Village, The Players Theatre, that was looking for an entry level marketing coordinator and ended up working there for 5 years. When I left, my title was Director of Marketing and Group Sales after my role expanded over the years.

Career advice to those in your industry?

Keep meeting new people! If you’re not networking (often), you are definitely missing valuable opportunities to learn about new projects or market trends that could be helpful.

Any emerging industry trends?

The crossover between traditional theatre and technology is really exciting to see. In a world where technology is king, but people still want intimate 1-on-1 connections, the immersive theatre community has found the sweet spot. Virtual reality and instagram museums are two examples where you can see the demand growing exponentially. Who knows that “theatre” will look like in the next 10-20 years.

How do you motivate others?

I’d say that the key to motivating others is offering support. Support can come in the form of listening, giving advice, asking questions, check-ins, etc. If you build a working relationship where your colleagues know they can rely on you for ongoing support, that can be an incredible motivator.

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